Ezra Miller Accused of Grooming Minors, Leading a Cult

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday August 5, 2022

Accusations of erratic behavior are continuing to paint "Flash" superhero Ezra Miller as a supervillain as revealed in an exposé on the actor published by Business Insider.

The article follows two accounts from parents who claim Miller groomed their children, and they have since filed protective orders against them.

Court documents revealed that 18-year-old Tokata was the victim of verbal and physical abuse by Miller over a period of six years. When Tokata first met Miller, she was 12 years old. After staying in touch with Tokata, Miller flew her out to the premiere of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" when she was 14.

In January, Tokata's parents were told by guests at Miller's Vermont compound that she was indisposed from LSD. Her parents reported her being "incoherent" with bruises on her arms and face.

Then in February, Miller allegedly met the second mother and her then nonbinary 11-year-old child. According to the mother, Miller showed "an inappropriate interest" in her child. She then was granted a temporary harassment-protection order against Miller after they offered to buy the child horses and pay for schooling.

Without going into too much more, Miller's disturbing behavior continues to worry those who have had encounters with them.

At an Airbnb in Reykjavík, where Miller became notorious for their "stench" and poor appearance, a visitor described their lifestyle as a "commune."

"I felt like everyone was hypnotized," one girl said.

Insider added: "Between Miller's makeshift commune, their monologues on spirituality, and their emotional outbursts, rumors began to circulate in Reykjavík that the star was running a cult."