EDGE Rewind: Stans Go Wild Over Andrew Garfield's Shirtless Thirst Trap

Sunday January 29, 2023
Originally published on August 19, 2022

Andrew Garfield in Bali
Andrew Garfield in Bali  (Source:Twitter)

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Andrew Garfield dropped a thirst trap on Thursday and his fans went wild. In the pic, the buff and scruffy 38-year-old actor is seen shirtless in a pair of gym shorts with his arm around an unseen companion.

The pic was taken in Bali where the actor was on holiday prior to heading to the Emmy Awards next month where he is nominated for his performance in "Under the Banner of Heaven."

The the actor spending time at the gym has led to speculation that he is bulking up for a new "Spider-Man" film, according to Men's Health.

"And the actor's stans—because if an actor's body of work encompasses Broadway and Marvel, you'd best believe they've got stans—are reacting with what can only be described as an exponential amount of thirst. (Not bad for someone who says he was once told by a casting director that he "wasn't handsome enough" to be a leading man at the beginning of his career.)"

Check out the Twitter frenzy below.