Meet Chris Appleton, Hollywood Hairdresser and Rumored Boyfriend of Lukas Gage

by Timothy Rawles

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday February 27, 2023

Chris Appleton
Chris Appleton  (Source:Instagram / @chrisappleton1)

Besides being one of Hollywood's most sought-after hair stylists, Chris Appleton is also one of Tinsel Towns' most eligible gay bachelors, unless you believe the rumors that he and "White Lotus" star, Lukas Gage, are officially dating. Although we can't confirm that hot goss, we can substantiate the strikingly handsome allure that is Chris Appleton.

In fact, the 38-year-old British "hair-lebrity" is desired by more than just potential romantic suitors; his appointment book is filled with A-listers from all factions of the entertainment industry. From coiffing Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian to styling models for the houses of Chanel, Tom Ford, and Fendi, this industry powerhouse is grabbing fame by the roots.

To honor both his trade and his stunning good looks, here are some great examples of Appleton's sex appeal both in and out of the salon.

Who doesn't like a dip in the pool? But it looks like someone got a little too eager and jumped — or was pushed — in fully clothed. Aside from ruining an expensive tuxedo, this photo shows Appleton's near-perfect physique, proving that whoever said, "clothes make the man," obviously never saw this body in a wet, skin-clinging dress shirt.

Ever since the internet discovered selfies, there might be nothing more ubiquitous than taking one in a bathroom mirror. Here, Appleton shows off his flawless six-pack and the upper band of his Calvin Klein underwear. Although the design elements in the bathroom are debatable, there is one thing we can agree on: Appleton is the best piece of décor inside it.

If you have money and want a hairstyle, Appleton is probably the one you want to do your do. Not only is Khloe Kardashian a smart, rich businessperson, but top to bottom, she has great fashion sense. Starting from the top, Appleton gives this style icon a perfectly slicked-back high bun for the Amazon CFDA Fashion Awards. There is nothing sexier than a man who is confident in his craft.

Over-sized comfy trousers and frosted, flat-ironed hair were big in the '90s. It's time to bring them back as long as it looks as good on us as it does on Appleton. In what seems to be an homage to boy bands, Appleton is music to our eyes in his leisure wear and puka shells. In the words of the Backstreet Boys, this whole look and the model are "Larger Than Life."

Many movie heroes conquered monsters dressed in white tank tops. Think Ripley in "Alien" or Linda Hamilton in "Terminator." But, here, Appleton is fighting for his light, not his life. Clad in this barefoot blue-collar casual look complete with distressed jeans, he's either channeling Whitney Houston on her self-titled album, or Vin Diesel in "Fast 5."

Apparently, Appleton doesn't mind sand in his pants in this shirtless pose. In fact, he seems at ease as the gritty stuff pools in all of his well-sculpted crannies including his waistline. This makes us think, all happy trails are made of sand.

Who, as a college student, hasn't stayed up for an all-night cram session? Appleton is looking studious and reserved in this pic, which are great traits to have as a college roommate, but when he looks this good it's hard to keep your mind focused on the assignment.

Italian designer Franco Moschino created this whimsical comic book panel shorts set. On anyone else, this combo might look a bit busy, but on Appleton, there is enough underneath to contrast the colorful pattern. In the words of one commentator below this Instagram photo, "Delicioso!"

So how does Appleton keep his body so fit? This video might give us a clue. Just before the 2022 Oscars, Appleton took to the red carpet — at the gym that is — to do some last-minute toning ahead of the event. Using a Medball, the hairstylist joined two other hunky hardbodies to prepare for Hollywood's biggest night.

It's as if, in this pic, Appleton is asking someone to come to bed and be his little spoon. This invitation is additionally inferred by the piercing knife-like lust in his eyes. Yes, these are all silverware references, but, even so, we still can't think of one to go with fork. Can you?

We are hoping that in all of his shirtless outdoor pictures, Appleton is being responsible with his skin by using sunscreen. Riding a quad in the broad daylight while topless might do some damage. I'm sure most of the people reading this would volunteer to apply it for him. Purely for altruistic reasons of course.

It appears that Appleton loves the open air. Being a Gemini, that might be a given, but he's also not afraid to get his feet wet. This photo shows him near yet another body of water, this time with his loved ones. "Had the best weekend at the lake with the family. It was a hot one for a Britt 117 °F but so happy I got to show the fam the American lake life."

And finally, to fan the flames on the rumor that Appleton and Lukas Gage are dating, here are the pictures that started it all. In a photo set titled "joyride," Appleton shares what he and the "Euphoria" star did while they were out and about together, both poolside and mountainside. Gage hasn't come out, so this might just be a bromance of sorts with two people enjoying the great outdoors. Either way, these handsome men make a great-looking couple whether they are dating or not.