Lea Michele's Bad Behavior Stretches Back to Childhood Broadway Career

Sunday June 7, 2020

As a child actress, perhaps Lea Michele should have starred in "The Bad Seed."

From reports that have circulated this week about her behavior on Broadway back in the late 1900s, she would have been a natural for the role of Rhoda from that 1950s play (made into a memorable movie).

In addition to colleagues that are coming forward with her abusive behavior on the set of "Glee," one from twenty years ago recalls Michele's behavior when she was on Broadway in "Ragtime."

"Self-care coach Elizabeth Aldrich talked about her experience working with Lea on the musical 'Ragtime' in the late 90s, saying it was 'terrifying' to work with the actress, who was only 12 at the time," reports the Daily Mail.

'I was [Lea's understudy] in Ragtime,' she explained. 'She was absolutely awful to me and ensemble.'

'She demeaned the crew and threatened to have people fired if she was in anyway displeased. I used to cry every night from the mean and manipulative things she would do. She was 12. She was terrifying."

Asked if Michele's parents encouraged her behavior, Aldrich responded: "No, they were actually really lovely. I think they were scared of her too."

Michele's bad relations with Broadway cast members continued when she starred in "Spring Awakening" in 2006 according to Broadway actor Gerard Canonico who was an understudy in that hit musical.

'You were nothing but a nightmare to me and fellow understudy cast members. You made us feel like we didn't belong there,' Canonico wrote in a comment on Instagram, which he had re-posted after claiming it had initially been deleted.

"I tried for years to be nice to you to no avail. Maybe actually apologize instead of placing the blame on how others 'perceive' you."

And more stories of Michele's bad behavior during her stint on the hit series "Glee," which made her a star, have come forward with actress Imia Edwards, who appeared on the show's sixth season, told the Sun that "she heard "multiple" people say she called extras cockroaches behind-the-scenes.

"Imia claimed: 'I've never really seen anyone treat extras like that, to that level of, 'Ugh, don't look at me, don't make eye contact, ugh cockroaches, there they are.'"

Even when she worked on another show, another actress who asked, "Oh, you know Lea's a b***h, right? She calls the extras cockroaches."

"Other former extras seemingly backed up Imia's claims on Twitter, with one posting to the star: 'I used to be a set medic and not-so-fondly recall you referring to background actors as 'cockroaches,' it was at that moment I knew you were incredibly insincere and insecure,' " writes The Sun.

Brian Savage also shared: "I was also a 'cockroach' on @OfficialGLEEtv and witnessed inexcusable behavior by @LeaMichele each time."

Jeff Hull, who was a warbler student on the show's final season, claims he too heard she called extras "cockroaches" when the cameras weren't rolling.

Hull also related a story about a confrontation between Michele and another actor, who played a "vocal adrenaline student," in the hair and make-up truck.

Jeff said, according the The Sun: "He got seated and Lea Michele came in, walked right up behind him, grabbed him by the hair and like pulled him up saying 'That's my seat!'

"He wants to remain anonymous but I've spoken to him since this came out. She's a mean girl, a Regina George, she has a bad attitude."

Commentator Michael Musto perhaps put it best:

And watch this classic clip of Jessica Lange ignoring Michele at an industry event: