Watch: 'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Started an OnlyFans...and Fans are Losing It

Monday September 28, 2020

"Teen Wolf" actor Tyler Posey is the latest star to launch his very own account for the subscription platform OnlyFans.

Recently, Cardi B, Bella Thorne and Aaron Carter have started an OnlyFans, a platform used by many gay porn stars and aspiring performers to share videos and pictures with fans for a monthly fee. Cardi has already earned 6,600 fans who pay $4.99 a month for the exclusive content. It's a bit more expensive for Carter, who charges $27 a month.

Fans of Posey will pay slightly less for his content. According to his official account, his monthly rate is $14.99. As of this writing he has 642 likes.

In a video message to fans, which someone shared on Twitter, Posey thanks fans for signing up.

"I hope you have fun just like I have," he says.

It's unclear what he will post on his OnlyFans, though he's no stranger to showing off his bod on Instagram.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the news of his OnlyFans. Find the best responses below and click here to check out Posey's new account.