Watch: Madonna Shows Off Sassy Socks, Drinks Wine While Celebrating

Tuesday November 10, 2020

Madonna is in a great mood, showing off some sassy new socks and indulging in some wine.

The reason the Material Girl is so happy? The results of the 2020 presidential election, of course.

On Saturday it was announced former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris defeated President Donald Trump. And Madonna is "still celebrating" well into the week.

"My Prayers Were Answered..... #bidenharris," Madonna captioned a video of herself. In the clip, the 62-year-old pop star is wiggling her feet to the camera, showing that the bottom of her socks read: "If you can read this, bring me some wine." In her second pic, Madonna is seen holding a large glass of wine while wearing comfy loungewear.

Madonna has been celebrating Biden's win on social media for the last few days. Check out the pic below along with other posts.