Luke Evans Shows Off New Thigh Tattoo While Seen with Mysterious Hunk at Aussie Beach

Thursday February 4, 2021

Luke Evans was seen on an Australian beach on Tuesday with a mystery man and a new tattoo.

The 41-year-old Hollywood hunk "showcased his ripped physique and a brand new bird tattoo on his upper thigh," wrote the Daily Mail.

The large tattoo sits above his knee and features a bird in flight. In the video clip Evans is at a gym using a weight machine, writing on the post: "Taking my bird to the gym for the first time."

On his day at the beach Evans wore red board shorts that he took off to reveal bright yellow swim briefs. His bearded, fit pal wore a pair of blue shorts. The couple appeared to be wearing similar gold chains. After sunning and sharing a sandwich, the pair took off on the mystery man's motor scooter, with Evans in the rear.

Evans is filming "Nine Perfect Strangers" in Australia, in which he plays a gay divorce lawyer, saying it was "nice" to portray a gay character on screen for the first time.

"It was a lovely character to delve into and to calibrate and deliver this complex person. But, yes, it was nice to play a gay character after all these years of doing roles on stage and screen."

In an interview with London's The Sunday Times last month, the Daily Mail adds, Evans said he was single with the words, "It is what it is."

Evans was recently cast in a live action remake of the Disney cartoon "Pinocchio" where he will play a villain. The film will be directed by Robert Zemeckis ("Forrest Gump," "Castaway") and co-written by Zemeckis and Chris Weitz, also stars Tom Hanks, who will play Geppetto, and will go to direct to Disney+ and not play in theaters.

Evans previously played a Disney villain, Gaston, in the live action remake of "Beauty and the Beast."

Check out the pics of Evans' beach day here.

And these other pics on Evans' Instagram: