Did Chris Evans Mistakenly Start a Trend? Diplo Posts Backside Pic to Encourage Voting

Wednesday September 23, 2020

After Chris Evans used his blunder of mistakenly sharing a peen pic to encourage people to vote, Diplo posted a backside nude to do the same.

Last week, Evans turned his embarrassing posting of a penis pic into a plus by apologizing and urging people to vote. His plea for civic participation was no surprise: in July Evans began A Starting Point, described as a nonpartisan, video-based website that works to connect lawmakers from both parties with their constituents.

Evans told People Magazine in July that the goal of A Starting Point "is to create a chain of connectivity between elected officials and voters to create engagement. To try and just create a little bit more involvement from the public with the political arena." He also said, "Given everything that's going on in the world, more engagement in politics is always a good thing. It will only help government work better for us, and better represent who we really are."

But did Evans peen error start a trend? Not to long after Evans' snafu, Diplo took to Instagram and posted a backside nude to encourage people to vote.

"Unlike Captain America, the DJ is exposing himself on purpose, and for a good cause: the 2020 presidential election. You know, the one that decides whether or not society as we know it still exists in ten years. 'Don't forget to register to vote,' he urges followers," Paper magazine writes.

"Sadly Diplo did not go so far as to put a voter registration link into his bio (almost as if this was just an excuse to show off that butt?), so let us do it for him," Paper adds.

Register to vote or check your registration status, .

And if it is a trend, who should be next?

Watch Chris Evans talk about voting participation on CNN on Tuesday, September 22: