2022 Rewind: The New Mr. Big? OnlyFans Superstar Diego Barros Opens Up About Success

by Steve Duffy

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday December 14, 2022
Originally published on February 23, 2022

Diego Barros
Diego Barros  (Source:Instagram)

EDGE is looking back at 2022 and we're resharing some of our favorite stories of the year.

London-based performer and social media influencer Diego Barros was an early adapter of OnlyFans, but dropped his account to pursue his successful career a dancer. But then COVID hit, and the Brazilian-born Barros saw his work dry up. Stuck in his London flat, he decided to return to social media.

Recently he received an email from OnlyFans telling him "that he was the first male to ever arrive at one million dollars in earnings in just eight months' time."


What may have helped push Barros, a Brazilian native living in London, to the top was an NSFW Twitter challenge last summer in which participants were challenged to balance a shampoo bottle on their erect penis. "Diego, dear people, stacked not one but four bottles on his dick, biceps flexed," writes the website What About Tom. "The cocky caption: 'So which challenge is next?' "

The skillfully entrepreneurial Barros spoke to EDGE from London about his success, work ethic, and, of course, his enormous dick.

Diego Barros
Diego Barros  (Source: Diego Barros)

EDGE: Tell us a little about yourself?

Deigo Barros: I'm originally from Brazil, but I've been living in London for the past 13 years. I've always been into fitness and love to travel. Over the last few years, I've managed to build up a big social media following as an underwear model and with my cheeky videos.

EDGE: How did you get into creating content for OnlyFans?

Deigo Barros: I got invited to join OnlyFans when it first started, since I was already producing content online. I was on for a short time before I decided to take a break. Last year, I decided to get back on, and that is when it really started to blow up.


EDGE: Did you have any expectations when you started?

Deigo Barros: No, but I did read about how some creators were becoming really successful on the site. Since I had a really good social media following, I thought I would do well. I was really surprised at how well I have done. I never imagined I would do this good.

EDGE: Just how big is your cock?

Deigo Barros: Around 10 inches, and very thick. Check out my Twitter @Diegor_Barros and Onlyfans @dibarros1 for close-ups.


EDGE: How does your content differ between what's on Onlyfans and Twitter?

Deigo Barros: On Twitter, I just give a teaser to get people thirsty. On Onlyfans, I have the full videos. I also take the time to interact with all my fans. I do live shows and have giveaways for my subscribers. I make it as much fun as I can.

EDGE: How much time do you spend on making content?

Deigo Barros: I do spend a lot of time on my content — I post daily, and I also make sure I respond to every message and comment. I spend at least five hours a day on all my social media sites.


EDGE: What's the messiest part of what you do?

Deigo Barros: I think dealing with the catfishing — I get messages all the time asking if I'm on hook-up apps from all around the world. I have fake profile accounts created under my name and trying to reach out to me. It's the messiest and most annoying part about it.

EDGE: Besides the money, what's the best thing about being a content creator?

Deigo Barros: I really enjoy performing and creating content. The money is just a bonus.


EDGE: Are you single?

Deigo Barros: Yes, I am.

EDGE: What advice would you have for someone thinking of starting on Onlyfans?

Deigo Barros: Have integrity on how much you charge. There are a lot of creators who get you to sign up and then charge more for additional content. Make sure you are genuine. There are a lot creators who will queerbait to get fans to their site and then don't deliver. Make sure you have fun, and always remember you can't please everyone. Some people like your work, and others might not. Be yourself, and don't change who you are and what you feel comfortable doing.