9 Queer Celebs We're Looking to for Fashion Inspo

by Andrea Marks Joseph

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday July 25, 2022

Violet Chachki and Tommy Dorfman
Violet Chachki and Tommy Dorfman  (Source:Instagram)

Fashion can be everything: A bold statement, an open experiment, a suit of armor when you need it most. For queer people, fashion is a significant part of navigating life. The right outfit can validate your gender identity, and give you the confidence to follow your dreams. It's also just fun to play with colors, textures, shapes, and styles. With fashion's wild and wonderful possibilities, we can wake up every day and be someone new, or look more truly like ourselves. Here are 9 of our fav fashion inspirations.


"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 7 winner Violet Chachki



She's giving glamor, she's giving cinched-in Silhouette, she's giving Sparkle! Violet Chachki's looks remind us that fashion is power, and that the right outfit can make you feel 10 feet tall and ready to step on someone. The way she combines eye-catching drama with the vintage style typical of burlesque performances is nothing less than sublime!


Writer and artist ALOK



Nonbinary icon ALOK has championed the movement to "degender fashion" and they're doing it in the most joyous, celebratory, kaleidoscopic outfits! The patterned dresses they wear are magnificent, inspiring countless visits to vintage stores and boutique designers as we search for the kind of once-in-a-lifetime fashion moments that rainbow-haired ALOK shines in every day.


Comedian and "Turning Red" actress Sherry Cola



The epitome of effortlessly cool, "Good Trouble" star and stand-up comedian Sherry Cola's style is trendy lightweight shirts and tees in her daily life, and stunning matching sets on the red carpet. She is queen of color, comfort, and classic looks time and time again.


"The Crown" star Emma Corrin



We've had the privilege of watching Emma come into their nonbinary self on Instagram, seeing how their style meets at the intersection of elegance and camp. It's been so fun to see their gender identity influence the way they're styled, like the playful costuming in their ground-breaking August Vogue cover.


Musician Lil Nas X



How could we not include this king? We love the way Lil Nas X embraces fashion to convey his provocative "watch me" energy and challenge the haters. He's not afraid to pull off a bold statement look (or create a shoe that sparks a lawsuit) and we live for Montero telling a daring story with his costumes on stage.


"Barbie" star Hari Nef



Hari Nef is a jewel. The model and actress who features in the upcoming HBO romp "The Idol" and Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" is beloved by the fashion world. She's an impossibly chic high-fashion doll who's graced us mortals with her presence. She's an eternal It Girl who allows us to see the sparkling, unbridled joy that dressing up can bring to our lives. The way she plays with fashion is a gift to us all.


"13 Reasons Why" star Tommy Dorfman



It's felt heavenly to witness Tommy exploring the possibilities of womenswear. Who could forget that red dress she wore in her Time Magazine coming out announcement? Since then, she's kept to classic, simple silhouettes with intricate details. It's equally delightful to see her post mirror selfies in bright bikinis as it is seeing Tommy celebrated by luxury designers eager to dress her.


Musician Kevin Abstract



Kevin Abstract of the rap collective Brockhampton has perfected the "boyfriend chilling in your lounge all weekend" aesthetic. His relaxed style is mirrored in his clothing line "Video Store Apparel" and the Adidas sneaker he designed. Kevin's neon hair, flair for graphic-printed details, and love of oversized clothing exude comfort and are unafraid of color.


"RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" Season 4 winner Monét X Change



It's the texture that makes Monét X Change's looks magic for me. Whether it's crystals on a milky-way dress, a structured feathered look, punky denim with spikes (and a spiky mohawk to match), a jubilant crochet combo, or the iconic dress with abs (and an asscrack!), she inspires us to be audacious with the fabrics we choose to wrap our bodies in.