Male Strippers Take Down Armed Meth Head in Las Vegas Robbery

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Friday March 21, 2014

The hunky male strip team Australia's Thunder From Down Under is making headlines this week but it's not for their rippling biceps, flowing locks, or eight-pack abs. It's for a much nobler cause.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal an unknown male between the ages of 25 and 30 broke into the Thunder From Down Under's dressing room in the Excalibur Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip Tuesday and stole some of the dancers' personal belongings.

The arrest report says witnesses saw the man walking around backstage and around the auditorium area of the show, wearing a "SWAT" hat and shoes and a firefighter's shirt. A number of people saw him but didn't question him because they thought he was a new dancer.

The muscle men later confronted the mystery man when they saw him with their belongings, according to police. The suspect pulled out a gun, which sparked a brawl between the suspect and the (s)exotic dancers.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that when the buff men tackled the suspect, he fired a shot into the air. No one was hurt, however, one of the dancers was treated for minor injuries after being hit in the face by gunshot debris.

Las Vegas police apprehended the suspect and he was taken to a hospital. Police say he appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. He's currently in a Las Vegas jail. Police have yet identified the alleged thief.

Why anyone would steal from a group of chiseled Greek gods who put smiles on the faces of men and woman from around the world may be the question to which we'll never find the answer. Or maybe the real question is what the thief would be taking from a male stripper's dressing room anyway.

According to Thunder From Down Under's Facebook page:

"For 15 years Thunder From Down Under has been 'eye candy' for women of all ages with the dancers making women happy in the blink of an eye and the unbuttoning of a shirt! This show is the ultimate bachelorette party experience."