Watch: Actress LisaRaye McCoy Offers the 'Finger' Test to Identify Gay or Bi Men

Monday September 28, 2020

LisaRaye McCoy on "Cocktails with Queens"
LisaRaye McCoy on "Cocktails with Queens"  (Source:YouTube Still via Fox Soul)

When actress LisaRaye McCoy appeared on the web-series "Cocktails With Queens," a program from the new streaming service Fox Soul, she suggested a sure-fire way for a woman to learn if their partner is bisexual.

"You can tell that yourself because if you use your finger a little bit, you know what I mean? They can tell you. If you get a little 'ooh' with it, you know," the "Players Club" star said last week.

Her statement brought shocked laughs from co-hosts Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson, and Vivica A. Fox in a segment dedicated to former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum after he came out as bisexual.

Gillum made the announcement following a rehab stint that was prompted by his being found intoxicated in a hotel room with two men, including one who works as a male escort.

Prior to her comment, McCoy suggested that perhaps Gillum was put in a position where he needed to say something about his sexuality, and that saying he is bisexual was the safest option.

"You know what? I just, I think it's so unfortunate because when you get busted, you know, and then you're just forced to come on out with it, and it's almost like he could've pleaded the fifth still," McCoy told the co-hosts.

Then adding: "Now he's got to come on out and say, well, you know what, I'm not completely completely gay, I'm just bi."

The segment, which can be seen below, went on to a discussion about the sexuality of one of McCoy's former boyfriends, who was not named, who is said to be bisexual, but has yet to come out.

"He is still suspect," McCoy said.

For her part, Fox chimed in with how she has a "problem" with bisexual men.

"It is the world that we are living in. People are fluid. They are not afraid to love who they might want to that night, baby," she said. "I'm serious. I have a problem with it... And I don't appreciate to learn you be thinking somebody is over here and you come to find out, they're on both sides."

Both Johnson and Jordan offered less incendiary commentary.

Johnson expressed empathy for Gillum and bisexual and gay men.

"How many gay men and women have trouble coming out? America is unapologetic. It doesn't allow you do that safely anyway... He should not be judged because he's a politician. ... Sometimes people are hiding those things because they are afraid to come out," she said. "I can't sit here and act like I know what it is like to be living like that inside of myself and be afraid to come out... the fact that he did come out, even though he didn't have to, he still came out because maybe he just wanted to be free for himself."

And Jackson put the issue in a larger context.

"It is sad because I think with Black people... we are so conflicted when it comes to homosexuality. On hand we celebrate it... and then we have the Black churches... Are we for it or are we against it?" she asked. "We have a high rate of the whole down-low thing because we don't provide a space for a lot of them to feel that the are safe."

But McCoy returned to cap the conversation with a rant about "beards" and women wanting to hook-up with bi or gay men to have babies.

"I think that is going to change too because everyone is so liquid now. There is this whole underground world of them that accept each other that have women that really don't want to have a relationship with a guy but they want a baby," she said. "So they're really good friends and they make that decision to have that... And then you have beards, the ones that are just there because they are just trying to save face or whatever. And their life is their own life.

She also attempted to articulate the choices by bi or gay men in coming out.

"So if you have one side that is saying hey, it is my prerogative to stay inconspicuous if I want to. I don't have to let you know about my personal life... But when you think about it, what it says in the Bible, and of they're ridiculed and they're scared," she said, adding. "There is an amount of fear here. Do I stay in my underground world where we are all alike and likeminded and stay right here, or do I go out in the world and fake it just a little bit just to get along."

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