Thirst-trapping Zakar Twins Tease Fans with Hot Pic after Election Promise

Wednesday November 11, 2020

Zakar Twins
Zakar Twins  (Source:Instagram)

The thirst-trapping duo The Zakar Twins teased their social media followers on November 3 with this tweet:

"Will post nudes if (when?) Trump loses," they wrote followed by three heart emojis.

Could it be that Trump not conceding is keeping them from posting their pics for free on OnlyFans?

On November 7, they posted a tweet with a single expletive:

But they did come through with a teasing pic with a snarky retort:

Perhaps it's time to start a draft OAC campaign for 2024.

In the meanwhile, check out these pics from the Zakar Brothers' Instagram:

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