Q-ueer Shaman Gets X-rated Treatment on OnlyFans

Thursday January 14, 2021

Of all those who attacked the Capitol last weekend no one got more attention than "conspiracy theorist Jake Angeli, also known as the 'Q Shaman'" writes a report on NBC News Think website.

Angeli, the report continues, "was shirtless to expose numerous tattoos, most notably one of a Valknut, an old Norse runic symbol that has been turned into a hate symbol by white supremacists. Angeli, who has been arrested, also wore red, white and blue face paint and a fur headdress with prominent horns. He carried a spear with an American flag attached near the blade."

His presence has created a social media firestorm with some finding him hot despite his hateful politics, and others condemning both him and those who find him attractive.

Nor did it take long for someone to capitalize on Angeli's infamy with a porn parody. That is precisely what OnlyFans model @illuxx has done, tweeting tweeted out multiple videos of him dressed up as Jake, reports the NSFW website The Sword.

"Two videos feature him wearing similar face paint and a furry headpiece while jacking off or riding a dildo. At the time of publication, both Twitter videos had received a combined 300,000 views on the platform. In the captions for both videos, the creator clarified that the content is supposed to be viewed as satire and mockery.'"

To see @illuxx's X-tweet, follow this link.