Pansexual Kazakhstan Bodybuilder Divorces Sex Doll Wife; Finds Another

Friday March 19, 2021

Yuri Tolochko
Yuri Tolochko  (Source:Instagram)

A man divorcing their wife of four months shouldn't make news. Except that it is Yuri Tolochko, the pansexual Kazakhstan bodybuilder who married their fiance of 18 months Margo in a traditional ceremony last November.

"It looked like a storybook wedding, save one thing: the bride was a synthetic SEX DOLL, that Yuri actually proposed to in December 2019," reported the Euro Weekly News website.

Almost immediately, there were issues. First they didn't spend Christmas together after Tolochko accidentally broke Margo and needed to send her to another city for repair.

By the end of January, Tolochko was looking for a Margo replacement, and also toyed with the idea of having sex doll sister wives. They also expressed a willingness to have a same-sex doll. "If someone gives me a boy sex doll and this boy is a copy of me, I will gladly accept. I will enjoy having sex with myself," they said.

Then last week they announced that they has divorced Margo. "We broke up with Margo. I'm not ready to talk about the reasons for the divorce yet," he told the Daily Star.

Now this week they posted to Instagram that they has remarried. "Let me introduce to you my new wife This is Lola. Lola queer, she has not yet decided on her sexual and gender identity (she is in search).

"Lola has a woman's head, a chicken's body, the navel has depth and can be used as a vagina and a penis inserted into it. I'll show you this one day."

But they didn't stop there. A second post featured another sex doll he plans on marrying. "Now I have a new wife Lola and I'm not going to stop, I want to get a harem. Having learned about this, the sex doll company wanted to give me one of their best dolls ( ). I chose this one. She's so fragile and incredibly sexy. Soon they will be going to send it to me.

"Now I think about what to call her. My version of her name is Moon. But maybe you can suggest something better. Let's do it together. Write your names!"

Elaborating on the break up with Margo, Yuri told the Daily Star: "There is a specific and compelling reason for my divorce. However, I am not ready to talk about it yet. It's hard for me morally. I put a lot of time and effort into our relationship, I got used to her, two and a half years of my life are connected with her. And it's hard for me to realise now that she's not there. It really hurts. Perhaps not everyone will understand this, for some she is just a doll, a toy [but also not everyone can understand sadness when a lovely pet dies]. But I felt good with her."

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