Lie Detector Leads European Reality Star to Come Out as Bisexual

Wednesday September 15, 2021
Originally published on September 14, 2021

European reality star Tom Brusse was caught in a lie on a Spanish television show this past weekend and it led him to come out... at first, reluctantly. "After a whole summer of rumors, in the latest 'Deluxe' Tom Brusse came out as bisexual," reports the Spanish website El Periodico.

On the show Brusse was taking a polygraph test and was asked if he had sex with men. He answered no, which was a lie, it turned out. "On the set, euphoria erupted and the Frenchman had no choice but to affirm that he has done it: 'I like to try everything, I try everything, as in food ... And that's it .' "

But it wasn't enough. Pressed on his experiences, Brusse answered: "It was a few months ago, in an orgy," he acknowledged. 

"The matter did not stop there and he had to talk about his feelings during sexual intercourse," El Periodico continued. "Brusse claimed to have felt something similar to that when he had sex with a woman: 'I did it to him, he didn't to me and I felt something very similar to penetration of women.'"

He also addressed his randy nature. "I have been in orgies, in Marbella and in Madrid, I have also done threesomes, I have cheated on all my partners, it is something I regret the next day but I go back to do it over and over again."

At 29, Brusse has appeared on numerous reality shows, such as "Women and Men," "The Island of Temptation" (Spanish "Temptation Island"), and "The Strong House." He has also had a successful career in the hospitality industry.

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