Adult Performer Billy Santoro's Racist Comments Lead to Sites Dumping Him and Apparent Suicide Attempt

Thursday June 4, 2020

An adult performer apparently attempted suicide after his racist comments led to content-sharing sites cancelling his account and a social media backlash.

It began when Billy Santoro posted messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Within hours of the post, JustForFans and OnlyFans, content-sharing websites that many adult performers use to make money, removed Santoro from their platforms.

The company added Black Lives Matters to their Charitable Giving Program.

Santoro had moved to Australia earlier this year to live with new husband, Gage Santoro. On Tuesday, Gage tweeted that Santoro had attempted suicide over fallout from his comments.

Yet hours earlier, he tweeted he was through with Santoro.

Gage released photos of Santoro in what looked like a hospital setting.

Response to Santoro's tweets was quick, especially amongst his industry colleagues. Adult performer Austin Wolf wrote:

Brock Banks engaged in a conversation with Santoro. (Santoro's Twitter account is no longer available.)

And Derek Bolt put it this way: