Watch: Adult Performer Cole Connor Mugged and Injured Near SoCal Home

Wednesday January 19, 2022

Adult gay performer Cole Connor took to Instagram to share "a horrific experience that occurred near his Southern California home and sent him to the hospital this [past] Saturday night," reported the NSFW gay adult site The Sword.

"Not my prettiest picture, but I'm okay," Cole wrote under a photo of his face that features several bruises. "Thanks for the love and support. I got mugged and beat up on Saturday night in Hollywood not far from where I live. My phone has been replaced already, cards and wallet will be replaced."

He continued: "At the doctor now to look at an ocular fracture. [My] face feels numb on the left side and I can feel some nerve damage when I touch next [to] my nose or wink my left eye and my eye feels weird."

Cole concluded by telling his followers to be careful and thanking them for their support.

In one tweet, he shared the location of his mugging, with the words: "If anyone wants to find my stolen phone here it is..."

He later posted a tweet with an update detailing his injuries after a doctor's visit.

"Another post made on Sunday evening showed the star using self-described 'sarcasm' to talk about the attack. In the short video, he jokes with a friend about 'haters' going after him and almost killing him after he attempted to get his ID out of his friend's car," The Sword said.

"[The Falcon/NakedSword] model thanked everyone for the kind words and in another post, specifically called out friends like Lucca Mazzi, Ian Holms, and others that helped him get through this [past] weekend."