Blue Blake on making porn (then & now)

by Bob Sanders

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday September 9, 2011

Blue Blake is about to have an Act Two. Or perhaps it's an Act Three, but who's counting?

The self-described "unlikely porn star" published his controversial autobiography "Out of the Blue" in 2008. Subtitled as a series of "confessions," Blue's 300-page tell-all life story comes off as a wildly entertaining, near-Chaucerian epic detailing his blue adventures through the triple XXX adult industry.

Born Glenn Marsh in the slums of Nottingham, England in the early 1960s, by the time he was 20 Blue had danced professionally, worked as a masseur, stripped, hustled, pumped his body into a huge muscle monster, and made his way across the pond to the hardcore gyms of Venice Beach. After appearing in "Tom of Finland Productions" adult muscle epic "Nothin' Nice" with IFBB pro bodybuilder Chris Duffy (who called himself "Bull Stanton"), Blue became ambitious, ultimately cast in more than 60 films. Along the way, he worked with every gay adult legend from Gino Colbert to Zak Spears.

Making Porn

In 1996, Blake appeared Off Broadway in the play "Making Porn," replacing a disastrously bad Rex Chandler, and ultimately co-starring with the notoriously difficult early 1990s gay for pay hunk superstar Ryan Idol. Blue earned critical praise, and New York Times theatre critic Steven Holden commended the show for its "street-wise exuberance."

Blake and Ryan Idol didn't always get along particularly well. All the same, Blake remained professional, and did not begrudge Idol his high-ranking status or greater salary. Rather, Blue believed that the play itself was the thing, even as Idol breezed through much of the run in a cloud of alcohol. Since then, Blue has appeared in several other notable productions of "Making Porn," with such co-stars as Matthew Rush.

"And I'm about to do it again!" Blue will be both producing and starring in his next appearance in "Making Porn" in London. "I'll be playing the jaded old porn hag I've always played. At least now I look like a jaded old porn hag. Now, at least, it makes sense!"

Cecil B. DeBlake

Retiring from "in front of the camera" at age 32, Blue formed his own production company, Big Blue Productions. Scripting, producing and directing, always working with professional crews and sometimes with modestly impressive production values, the men in Blue's movies pack serious muscle.

Blue's big bodybuilders include his personal discoveries Robert van Damme and Duke Miller, plus Tom Katt, Caesar, Jake Gianelli, Chad Connors, Jim Slade, Jay Poison, Tyler Saint, Glenn Matthews, many others. Big Blue released more than 20 films, with titles such as "Demolition Daddy," "Married Cops Do," "Musclemen Moving Co" (Parts 1 and 2), "Crash of the Titans", "The Muscle Pit" and "Duke Miller's Lumberjack Gangbang."

Throughout his book, Blake is sanguine about the vagaries of his adult empire. For example, when bodybuilder Caesar begged off from critical insertion shots on the set of Blake's award-winning porn epic "Cowboy," citing hemorrhoids, and promising to return a week later to finish the job, Blue philosophizes on the "flakiness" of porn stars: "I was worried that (he) would end up in prison or commit suicide before I could finish filming... I know that it sounds heartless... but I had turned into Cecil B. DeBlake."

None of Blue's movies has ever been out of print. Blue's website relaunched on September 1st with an all-new design, downloadable movies, and his latest release, "A Policeman Fucked My Son," starring two of Blue's new stars, Paddy O'Brian and Ben Brown.

Blue emerges at the end of his book as settled, respectable, and happily partnered with a well-to-do LA businessman. In 2005, he is "inducted" into the GayVN Lifetime Hall of Fame. And if it all doesn't quite read as "Little Me" (Patrick Dennis' 1950's classic comic put-on autobiography of a movie starlet turned Grande Dame, Belle Poitrine), it's because Blue's in on the joke. No one laughs harder than he does at himself.

The End? Not exactly. Lives like Blue's don't just stop simply because he has published a successful autobiography.

Today, Blue lives in London. I spoke with him recently. He's currently single, split from the partner to whom he had dedicated his book (the relationship having ended, in Blue's words, "acrimoniously" in 2009).

Typically, Blue was friendly to the point of exuberance: candid, opinionated, tough, and uncompromisingly honest. He's no suburban kid, culled into the adult world from gay playgrounds and then addled with coddling and drugs; Blue is a street survivor from the slums, and his comments reflect a scorched earth brutality. "My life has not been plain sailing," Blue told me. I approached with suitable caution.

Blue Talk

EDGE: Let's start with your book. It's quite the wild ride, and you call out a number of people. Was there any fallout?

Blue: No fallout at all. I described people as I saw them, and if they don't see themselves that way, they might need to take a closer look.

EDGE: Tell me why you wrote it.

Blue: People were stopping me on the street, calling me a 'porn legend,' and telling me I had to write a book because I had had 'such a sensational life.' This is pure bollocks. No one has a sensational life. It's up and down for everyone. I had no idea what it took to write a book - I had the same editor as Margaret Thatcher and Gore Vidal, who told me such 'autobiographies' are usually ghosted. But I wrote it all myself. My mother asked me, "Why did you include all the sordid details?" You have to tell the truth. I think that is why the book sold so well.

EDGE: It sold well?

Blue: Like a motherfucker, translated into 10 languages, and rated as the #2 adult autobiography on, outsold only by (adult superstar) Jenna Jameson's autobiography ("How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale").

EDGE: What have you been doing since it came out?

Blue: I left LA, left America in 2009. I broke up with my partner after a 15-year relationship. I came to the US during the Clinton years. England was so right wing then, and then I suffered through 8 years of George Bush. I was sick of it all, and though everyone I knew in LA thought the Obama administration was going to be great, I didn't agree. Hillary Clinton should have been President - she is bloody Athena. So, I wandered around the Middle East for 3 years having a Nottingham lad's idea of a good night. You go drinking, you get into a fight, and you have a good shag. The wailing of the mermaid washing herself with dolphin squeeze will still lure me out.

EDGE: So you still hear the call of the Lorelei?

Blue: (Laughs): Yes, that's it.

Partnership with Eurocreme

EDGE: I hear you're back in business producing. What's happening?

Blue: I thought I was retired while I was in the Middle East - anyway, it wasn't the right time for me to go back to work. Then the Eurocreme Group came to me, and offered to buy a percentage of Big Blue Productions. The timing was perfect! And it was very flattering. So we're going into partnership.

EDGE: Your movies - "Lords of the Ring," "Muscle Penitentiary," "Musclemen Moving Co" - are all muscle fantasies. Doesn't Eurocreme do a lot of reality-type stuff?

Blue: I am making Blue Blake movies with no (creative) input from Eurocreme. They wanted me just as I am. And I don't need anyone else around me - I know what my audience is into.

EDGE: And that is...?

Blue: Gay for Pay bodybuilders! When I started my company I was told 'No one wants to look at Gay for Pay bodybuilders.' - like Robert van Damme, whom I discovered, and named after Jean Claude van Damme, because he looked like him. I changed the Zeitgeist, and since then, so many have tried to replicate what I do, like Colt and Hothouse.

EDGE: Can you tell me about your newest discoveries?

Blue: I was visiting the set of (Alpha Male director) Mike Esser's film "Addicted." He'd asked me if I wanted to play a bodyguard, and I said "Absolutely not!" But Mike and I are great friends, so he invited me to watch. Usually I don't talk to porn models unless I am working with them, but on Mike's set I met my next new star: Paddy O'Brian. Paddy is a super straight construction worker from the East End. He looks like a bigger, handsomer, and more pumped Colin Farrell, and he has the dick of death! He's my new man crush, and - this happens to be how I work - I am inspired by the people I meet, and the moment I met Paddy, my movie fell into place. It's called "A Policeman Fucked My Son," and in it Paddy plays a cop who, in one solo scene, fucks himself with his nightstick! It's totally hot.

EDGE: When does it release?

Blue: It releases on my website on September 1, and on September 16 it will be released to DVD. Also in it is my next new discovery, Ben Brown. I said to him when I hired him, "You are the twin of Paul Newman." Know what he said?

EDGE: 'Who's Paul Newman?'

Blue: Who's Paul Newman! He thought he was one of my ex-boyfriends. I said, you know, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?" He said, there's a cat on your roof? (Laughing) He's in "Policeman," playing a cop, and he'll play a convict in my next movie. He's versatile!

EDGE: And what is the next movie?

Blue: I am doing a big gangbang feature with 6 big boys doing (bodybuilder) Skye Woods. Skye will just lap it up. We're not decided on the title - the title I want will not pass the British Board of Censors. And after that, I want to do a film in the Middle East - "Baghdaddies."

EDGE: Aren't you worried about the Muslim response?

Blue: Oh, the Muslims love me.

Blue dishes...

EDGE: I am going to throw some names at you. Can you comment?

Blue: Sure.

EDGE: Chi Chi LaRue.

Blue: Chi Chi LaHag? Well, she doesn't take any shit; I'll say that for her.

EDGE: Michael Lucas.

Blue: What I like about Michael is he speaks his mind. I'm not sure he should be putting himself in his movies, but if it works for him, it works him.

EDGE: Jake Cruise.

Blue: Oh, please. I retired from in front of the camera when I was 32! Stick him back in the crypt. That kind of thing is an obscenity! How old is the guy? 102? It's vanity and it's like gorno.

EDGE: Gorno? You mean like torture porn? Okay, so what about all the Silver Daddy websites?

Blue: That's different! A lot of men our age died of AIDS - so we're like Unicorns, baby! Jake Cruise is just a vanity site.

EDGE: Randy Blue.

Blue: He's made a name for himself, but probably stole all his ideas off me.

EDGE: Colt Studio today.

Blue: Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Aren't they bankrupt?

EDGE: Falcon?

Blue: The same.

EDGE: Steven Daigle.

Blue: I have no idea who that is.

EDGE: Sean Cody.

Blue: Never heard of him.

EDGE: Bruno Gmunder.

Blue: Love Bruno Gmunder.

EDGE: Ryan Idol.

Blue: He wasted everything, threw it all away! He could have ruled the planet. I think he is now living with his mother in a trailer camp somewhere.

EDGE: Ken Ryker.

Blue: Someone that David Forest destroyed.

EDGE: David Forest?

Blue: The agent. I hate to say this, I actually kind of like David Forest for very peculiar reasons. If David Forest was representing you, he would get you the best fees, so I have a grudging respect for him.

EDGE: Billy Herrington.

Blue: He and I had a night of wild sexuality - he used strawberry yogurt. He bought into it all too much, but I would definitely work with him again. A true star.

EDGE: Matthew Rush.

Blue: Love, love, love him to death and could stab, stab, stab him to death after he put all those tattoos over his gorgeous caramel body. Love him as a person. But I never fancied Matthew. I fancied Billy!

EDGE: Caesar.

Blue: Very happy he got his GayVN for "Cowboy."

EDGE: Tom Katt.

Blue: He was robbed, robbed for his GayVN for "Lords of the Ring"!

EDGE: Jason Adonis.

Blue: In the flesh, one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my life.

EDGE: Eric Rhodes.

Blue: I first saw him at some Awards show, and I didn't know who he was. He was gorgeous, and I wanted to hire him - but once I approached him, all of a sudden he became 'exclusive' with Falcon. Oh, well.

EDGE: I've seen a trend in a few films lately to try to capitalize on reality shows. Can you comment?

Blue: Reality TV has blurred the lines of gay for pay. There's no quality to it. It's really just the culture of celebrity in America, and it's crazy. I mean, I want to see surgeons on the covers of magazines, not the Kardashians! And that whole Jersey Shore thing - I mean, they're like the so-called straight guys you had sex with last weekend, who suddenly "Don't Remember" on Monday morning what they did on Saturday night. It doesn't interest me at all, and it shows no imagination. Besides, I don't really do "scenes."

Basically, I don't need anyone else around me. I know what my audience is into. I don't make movies for the audience - I make them based upon what I think is sexy. Gay for Pay is actually what I do.

My movies are about quality. And when you do quality, they'll try and burn you down. And I am made of asbestos, baby!

For more on Blue Blake and his films, including his latest release "A Policeman Fucked My Son," visit his website.