10 Types Of Hairstyles Best Suited For Busy Men

Tuesday August 4, 2020

Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Have you ever experienced waking up late for an important interview and then totally blew it because you didn't have enough time to style your hair? We've all got those bad-hair days and it's sometimes almost impossible to tame your mane. If you're starting to find your hair quite a bit of a chore and want to adopt a low-maintenance hairstyle, this guide is exactly for you. Here are 10 ways that you can have your hair cut to make sure you don't have to get up extra early just to style it. You can also book an appointment at your convenience with Salon Life Booking Software. No more waiting at the hairdresser's just to get your hair trimmed!

Buzz Cut

A largely general term for any haircut derived from clippers. This haircut is mostly associated with really short hair — almost bald... but not. It can be considered so low maintenance that you literally wouldn't have to put any effort into it. While this hairstyle is most popular among military men who want to spend minimal time worrying about their hair, it does require some upkeep depending on how quickly your hair grows. The great thing about buzz cuts is that you wouldn't have to take a trip down to the barber to get this hair done. As long as you own a clipper shaver on your own, you can easily do this yourself at home.

Crew Cut

The stereotypical jock look, the crew cut basically features longer hair on top that gradually fades as it goes down the neck. If you're looking to pull this off at home, it might be a little more challenging compared to a buzz cut, but not completely impossible. You will need a variety of clipper lengths and good visualization skills. You can choose to style the top into a little quiff or pomp.

Taper Cut

Arguably the most popular hairstyle among men of all ages, the taper cut features clean lines that follow the contours of your head. It is achievable by cutting hair with scissors rather than with clippers. This cut usually requires some taming or styling on the top, due to the presence of longer hairs. Even with it growing out, it could still give a #iwokeuplikethis look that is effortless while still professional and sexy.

Short Side Part

Essentially creating a visible and neat parting at the side, the short side part can be achieved by asking your barber to define the area more clearly. The defined area can then give an illusion of a more voluminous dome. While this requires a little more upkeep — you will need to regularly sweep your hair to the side to constantly define the area. Ignoring this step could cause you to potentially lose your parting.

French Crop

A classy spin on the Caesar cut, this hairstyle avoids the need for a quiff for pomp and automatically gives your hair a little volume. While the main attraction of this hairstyle is the bluntness of the fringe, it does give you the flexibility to style it whenever you feel like. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose where you'd like your fringe to end. This hairstyle also finishes off with a sleek fade, leaving you with a really classy and stylish hairdo.

Ivy League

Considered to be one of the longest buzz cuts out there, this hairstyle is achieved by using a number 7 / 8 on clippers. Starting with that number for the top, you can slowly blend that in with a fade as you decrease the numbers closer to the sides. Popular among teenage boys, this haircut is low maintenance and leaves a good amount of flexibility for you to style it.

Short Slick Back

Popular among working professionals, this hairstyle is best paired with an undercut. The contrast between the sides and the top is exactly what gives your hair a little more volume. The only styling you'd need to do for this hairstyle is to set the look with some styling products and a comb.

Clean Shave

If you're keen on a really clean cut, you might want to opt for a clean shave. Well, this depends on whether you have the facial structure to rock the bald look, a clean shave can feel really liberating knowing that you don't have to do anything about it. However, some people might find this hairstyle a little too time consuming to upkeep as you would need to make sure it's cleanly shaved every day. The good thing is — once you're bored of this hairstyle, you can wait a couple of weeks for it to grow out into a buzz cut.

Butch Cut

Another version of a buzz cut, a butch cut is relatively constant at a number 3 / 4 on the clippers. Keeping the length of hair constant, the butch cut is clean and stylish (even David Beckham has this hairstyle). It's such an easy DIY hairstyle and very low maintenance. The butch cut keeps your hair at about ¼ an inch and gives you a rough and rugged look.

Induction Cut

Just like the Butch cut, the Induction cut is the in-between of a Butch cut and a buzz cut. Known for its military roots, the Induction cut doesn't require any styling at all. This is so that military men wouldn't have to worry much about taking care of their hair. This look can be achieved by
removing the clippers from your shaver, which gives an even length of about 1/16 an inch. If you're looking for a slightly longer variation, you may choose to have the clippers at number 1.

No More Fussy Hairstyles

It can be pretty challenging to decide on a single haircut, especially since there are so many variations around. However, it might be useful for you to adopt one of these if you constantly find yourself getting annoyed at your untamable mane. Having a low maintenance look can help you in so many ways and you wouldn't have to worry about compromising your style either.