The Knick - The Complete First Season

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday August 17, 2015

The Knick - The Complete First Season

The depth of detail that is devoted to the era and the character development explored in the Cinemax Original Series "The Knick - The Complete First Season" is mind-blowing and extraordinary. Starring film star Clive Owen the series is set in the early 1900s in a still developing metropolis of New York City, but focuses on the crossroads of culture in the downtown area. Dr. John Thackery (played by Owen) is one of the premiere surgeons at the Knickerbocker Hospital.

At "The Knick" the staff of medical practitioners are the best of their time, and are making groundbreaking technological and scientific discoveries in medicine - but at what personal cost? With practically a centuries worth of modern advances ahead of them, many of the doctors compete to make it in the spotlight of the surgical theater, and none more than the newest arrival Dr. Algernon Edwards (played by Andre Holland).

The doctors that aren't trying to gain the favor of the wealthy head of the hospital Cornelia Robertson, are suffering from a "god complex" that makes them feel above the mainstream troubles of the time including social strife among the city's class system and racial discrimination. Along with the fascinating and accurately all-too-consuming look at medical practices and mysteries of science of the time, "The Knick" deals with very contemporary issues including health care, sexual hierarchy, and drug addiction.

Beautifully and dramatically eloquent, scripted by Steven Soderbergh, "The Knick" is transformative and transports the audience into a whole new world as richly dramatic and textured as any BBC epic. You can't take your eyes off of it - and you won't want to. The Blu-ray package features all 10 full-length episodes with bonus audio commentaries that enhance the viewing experience. Also included are "Episode Post-Ops" detailing the actual surgical procedures dramatized in each episode.

Add this to your own digital library and watch it anywhere with the included option of Digital HD download of all the episodes to screen on your portable devices whenever you like.

"The Knick - The Complete First Season"
Blu-ray and Digital HD Combo Pack

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