by JC Alvarez

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Monday April 11, 2016


"A career defining performance." - That's what many have said about two-time Academy Award® Nominee Will Smith and his performance in "Concussion." Based on a true story, the film follows Dr. Bennet Omalu (Smith), a forensic neuropathologist who first diagnoses what many people have known all along - the link that exists between head-related injuries and football players. The story unfolds the doctors plight in revealing his findings to a multi-million dollar franchise that is heavily invested in keeping the doctor's discovery a secret.

If not for Omalu's tireless efforts to bring out the danger of CTE - Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy - the game of football would claim countless more victims, players who sacrifice their health for fortune and fame. Will Smith surrounds himself with an all-star cast which includes Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson and Albert Brooks. Certainly Smith shines in the role, his second portraying a real life personality - his first was legendary prize-fighter Muhammad Ali in "Ali." Although known more for his action-adventure roles, including the upcoming DC Comics "Suicide Squad," Smith is very present in "Concussion."

The actor has always demonstrated a knack for headlining films, though he plays brilliantly and fittingly in this ensemble effort. That a sports story could evolve so naturally into a suspenseful thriller is no small feat, "Concussion" is as engaging as it is entertaining, and captures easily the viewer's attention. Narratively well-executed and directed.

The Blu-ray is loaded with exclusive special features including deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes look at "Crafting Concussion." There is also a documentary "Inside the True Story" of Dr. Omalu's personal journey, and commentary with the film's director Peter Landesman. Appropriately supplementing the motion picture, "Concussion" on Blu-ray scores a touchdown!

"Concussion" Based on a True Story

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