No Gay for Pay at Falcon Studios? Not So Fast...

Wednesday June 8, 2022

Nick Fitt
Nick Fitt  (Source:Falcon Studios)

"Gay for Pay" has long been the term to describe straight men who engage in gay sex for money. But that they are used by the major porn studios got under the skin of Nick Fitt, the adult star who recently took on the role of head of production for Falcon Studios, one of the most successful gay porn studios.

(Source: Twitter)

In a tweet he posted on June 6, he stated: "After #pride I FIRMLY support protecting our queer spaces. I am in a role that can make a difference: No longer will I hire 'Gay for Pay' entertainers to play the role of gay/bi models. I heard you loud and clear this weekend. Gay models should be in gay roles. #gayforgay ????"

"It's unknown who Fitt 'heard loud and clear this weekend'," writes the website But, they point out, it was West Hollywood Pride this past weekend where Fitt maybe heard from disgruntled men who only want out men to appear in gay porn. Nor is it clear what Fitt meant by "play the role of gay/bi models" because, Str8UpGayPorn wonders, "isn't everyone in a gay porn movie doing some form of acting and 'playing a role'?"

The site added that "straight men are apparently no longer wanted at Falcon Studios (and by extension, presumably, at sister studios Raging Stallion/Hot House/NakedSword)."

But the new studio exec may have been a bit premature with his statement, because the next day he wrote: "All my personal opinions on this matter reflect my personal beliefs and core values and do not represent any position of any company that I work with/for."

Despite his good intentions, perhaps someone at HR contacted him to say that perhaps discriminating someone based on their sexual orientation is not quite how you run a business. For whatever reason, he deleted both tweets.

This led SF-based Taylor Morgan, who describes himself as "a photographer, a producer, a facilitator of hot scenes" to respond to Fitt's tweet:

"How does this reply work with the original tweet? Seems like this cancels out the original tweet."

Str8UpGayPorn also replied in a tweet to Nick Fitt, asking: "Will models be asked to self-identify before filming? How will the no gay-for-pay be enforced?"

(Source: Twitter)