The Truman Show (Special Edition)


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Tuesday August 23, 2005

The Truman Show (Special Edition)

It?s fair to say that ?The Truman Show? is not one of Jim Carrey?s better-known movies. Those who have seen the film, however, have a lot to be happy about with this special edition. Movie-goers who have not seen the film, get the full-treatment?an ingenious film with important messages along with many special features that are just now being shared.

Truman Burbank?s life is a reality show. Literally. His mother, wife, and even best friend are all paid actors. His world is a set. The products he uses and the food he eats are all sponsors of his show. Everyone knows it, except Truman. Twenty-four hours a day, the entire world watches Truman?s every move.

Truman, like all of us, has issues. His father drowned while on a father/son fishing trip and the love of his life, Sylvia, is taken away on his first date. As the movie unfolds, Truman begins to find out that his life is not what it seems. A producer named Christof (played by Ed Harris), adopted him as a baby and orchestrated a world for him to live in.

Interesting? Absolutely. A different concept? Definitely. At a time where it seems as if Hollywood doesn?t have new ideas, just re-makes, The Truman Show is refreshing. It?s an original.

Now I have to admit, although I knew the premise of the movie, I found myself at times confused. It took me a while to figure out exactly what was going on. Sylvia, the love of Truman?s live, wears a pin that says ?How is it all going to end?? I found myself asking that very question.

A lot of the film?s messages can be related right to the gay community: living your life for other people, deciding whether or not to come out of a make-believe world or live truthfully?the list goes on. I thought to myself, ?Wow. I get it. And I didn?t have to be beat over the head with self-help messages.?

And what?s so special about this special edition? For those of you who have seen the film and appreciate it, the special edition is filled with extras: English and Spanish subtitles, four deleted scenes, trailers, and TV spots. There is even a two-part documentary with the stars about the making of the film.

Although the deleted scenes really wouldn?t have added anything to this film, they are interesting to watch. The two-part documentary clearly shows that this was a labor of love for Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, and the rest of the cast. They clearly new they were involved with something important.

As for the other special aspects of this special edition, you?ll just have to go to your nearest movie store on August 23rd to find out.


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