I Melt With You

by Ken Tasho

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday February 29, 2012

As depressing as the film is, "I Melt with You" is a tour-de-force not to be missed. It features some of the finest acting from Thomas Jane and Rob Lowe and it may make you think twice about partying and using hard-core drugs.

Jane and Lowe, along with Jeremy Piven and Christian McKay, star as four middle-aged college friends who reunite every year to celebrate their friendship. This year something is different: these forty-something men made a pact 25 years ago and it is now coming to fruition. Each has to face their mortality and the choices they made in life.

"I Melt with You" is not for everybody. It's moody yet artistic...director Mark Pellington fills the film with stunning visuals and a rock/punk 80's soundtrack. At times, it seems like the film is an extended music video and the beginning sequence features phrases across the screen that men in their 40's can relate to (marriage woes, impotence, career choices).

As good as Jane and Lowe are, Piven is a revelation, making this his finest and most dramatic role to date. Each actor, with the disappointing exception of Lowe, has his own interview on the Blu-ray and each gets a separate in-character vignette. At two hours long, the film seems a bit stretched, yet it's incredible how many deleted scenes there are. "I Melt with You" should be seen at all costs.

"I Melt with You"

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