Review: 'Beverly Hills Cop' Still Fresh in 4K

by Michael Cox

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday December 1, 2020

"Beverly Hills Cop" mixes every ingredient of its recipe to perfection, combining each ingredient with just enough seasoning to keep it from becoming bland. You get every flavor of this Regan-era action-comedy, but no taste is too bold. Like the era itself, this movie skirts the edges of the issues without directly addressing them. Precision palatability — that's what made this film a blockbuster and all-time success.

The film, a fish-out-of-water cop story, features a detective from the gritty inner city who ventures into the plush boulevards of Beverly Hills. Dreamed up by a Paramount executive to be a hardboiled detective-out-for-vengeance story, it was originally intended to be comedy-free. After seven years of banging about the studio with various rewrites and celebrity attachments from Mickey Rourke to Sylvester Stallone, the project was stalled.

But the success of "Flashdance" pushed Paramount to reexamine its demographic. The country was bifurcated between the city and the suburbs, the realities of the working class and the president's promises for middle-class success. Both groups of people were going to the movies, and they both wanted a look at how the other half lived.

Eddie Murphy plays the outrageous outsider without addressing the fact that he's the only Black man in the 'burbs. His famous Axel Foley character, a street-wise cop, investigates outside the law when he travels to sun-filled Southern California to track down his best friend's killer. Car chases, gunfights, and discrimination abound, but it's all in the spirit of fun.

Critically acclaimed, Oscar-awarded and busting over at the box office, this movie proves that Hollywood shines when it gives us the familiar, then shakes it up a little.

This 4K Blu-ray offers a host of vintage special features, including a director commentary, deleted scenes, a location map, an isolated audio track featuring the soundtrack's hit songs, and several featurettes.

Remember those VHS cassettes you wore out in the '80s, back when you marveled over the fact that you could rewind scenes and watch them over and over? Now they're remastered in outstanding color and sound that makes digital video pale. Eddie Murphy's freshest and most critically acclaimed works, the movies that shot him to stardom, are available in 4K Ultra HD, a must for any real fan. In addition to "Beverly Hills Cop," the movies "Coming to America," "Trading Places" and "The Golden Child" are all newly remastered and anxiously awaiting your big screen. If you can't go out to the movies, watch movies at their best in your home.

"Beverly Hills Cop" beats the street, in glorious 4K Ultra HD, December 1.