Review: The "Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection" Showcases a Legend in Stunning 4K

by Sam Cohen

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 15, 2021

Review: The "Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection" Showcases a Legend in Stunning 4K

It can't be overstated how much of an impact Steven Spielberg had on modern filmmaking as we know it, which is why it's still a bit bewildering to know that George Lucas proposed the "Indiana Jones" franchise to him after the story for the first entry had already been written. But with Spielberg's own understanding for the pulp adventure serials that inform the beloved film series, "Indiana Jones" turned from a martial arts master and womanizer into an archaeologist with a desire to preserve, rather than capitalize upon, history.

The famous hero with the fedora looks and sounds better than ever with the "Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection" on 4K Blu-ray from Paramount Home Entertainment. All current "Indiana Jones" films are shown here in stunning 4K Ultra HD sourced from 4K scans of the original camera negatives. They're all aided by Dolby Vision HDR encoding and Dolby Atmos audio to create unparalleled experiences at home. It should go without saying that this is the best all these films have looked at home, and the new Dolby Atmos soundtracks are true to their sources.

The one downside to this otherwise-stellar release is the lack of new supplementary features. While that may sound like a mark against this particular release, all the archival special features have been ported over, and provide hours of entertainment as is. It might be a bit more crushing had it not been for the already terrific featurette work included with previous releases.

There's a bit of digital wizardry at work with the new 4K Blu-ray of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," as well. Janusz Kaminski's unmistakable penchant for bright and shimmering lighting is toned down a bit here, resulting in the revealing of textures I never really paid attention to on prior viewings. While the new color grade is certainly a bit of a detraction from how the film originally looked, I foresee the changes attracting fans new and old. If anything, the new color grade makes the film look a tad less cartoonish, and helps take the piss out of the 1950s in ways that Spielberg was trying to do in the first place.

If you're a fan of "Indiana Jones," then I'd urge you to pick up this collection immediately. It improves upon the already terrific collection released by Paramount back in 2012, and will most assuredly renew your love for these terrific adventure yarns.

Special features include:

• On Set with Raiders of the Lost Ark
• From Jungle to Desert
• From Adventure to Legend
• The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 documentary)
• The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
• The Making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
• The Making of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
• The Making of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (HD)
• The Stunts of Indiana Jones
• The Sound of Indiana Jones
• The Music of Indiana Jones
• The Light and Magic of Indiana Jones
• Raiders: The Melting Face!
• Indiana Jones and the Creepy Crawlies (with optional pop-ups)
• Travel with Indiana Jones: Locations (with optional pop-ups)
• Indy's Women: The American Film Institute Tribute
• Indy's Friends and Enemies
• Iconic Props (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (HD)
• The Effects of Indy (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (HD)
• Adventures in Post Production (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (HD)

The "Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection" is now available in a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and Digital combo pack from Paramount Home Entertainment.