Susan Surftone Releases Single, 'Blue Moon of Kentucky'


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Thursday June 30, 2016

Former FBI agent turned singer/songwriter, Susan Surftone is back with her first digital dose of riptide-ready rock and roll for 2016. One of the premiere female surf guitarists of our time, Surftone has released her brand new single called "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

"I chose to cover 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' because it was the second song Elvis Presley ever recorded. On this song he's not a polished vocalist and neither am I. He's singing in a higher key because he's young, only 19, and that higher key is easier for me, " said Surftone. "I've been singing to Elvis all my life in private and I thought maybe it's time to do it in public. The song itself is a bluegrass song written by Bill Monroe. It gives me an opportunity to play a different lead guitar style than my usual style. I just really like the song."

"Blue Moon of Kentucky" is Surftone's first single off her upcoming EP dubbed "The Magician," due out on July 5.  "The Magician" is a little bit of departure from her old style as it sees Surftone -- after recording four instrumental albums -- stepping out of her instrumental-rock comfort zone to step in front of the mic and make her debut vocal performance on 3/3 of the songs, including the track "Little Bit Lied To," which she personally penned.

Surftone is no stranger to breaking ground. The New York native had early on already defied convention by learning how to write and perform electric guitar music instead of contenting herself with listening and dancing along (like most other girls) to the day's big boy bands. 

To say that Surftone plays a mean guitar is to put it mildly. Now more than merely a great female guitarist, she has established herself as a terrific player.

Yet the road to success was not an easy one and she certainly paid her dues. After she graduated from law school at Boston University, the Federal Bureau of Investigation approached her about becoming an agent. She took the job with the F.B.I. at the height of the Cold War before plugging in her guitar permanently.

Since then the Portland, Oregon resident has led her own stellar group, The SurfTones, through many album releases -- at least thirteen -- as Susan and The SurfTones. From "Without A Word" (1995), "Thunderbeach" (1996), and "This Ain't No Beach Party" (1999) and onto later classics like 2007's "There She Goes Again-Susan and The SurfTones Play The VU" (Velvet Underground), Susan has stayed the course of her sound.

Through the years she has always been a strong advocate of encouraging girls to play guitar and start bands, and while she may be a rarity in the genre of surf rock, she certainly now has a prolific discography recorded with her previous bands not to mention her solo albums.

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