PopUps: Fans Notice Something Bulging in Liam Payne's Yoga Pic

Tuesday August 28, 2018

Liam Payne
Liam Payne  (Source:Instagram / @liampayne)

Do we really need a reason for a sexy Liam Payne photo?

The former One Direction singer took to social media this week to ask fans about his new music. Payne, who recently split from U.K. singer Cheryl, released his first solo EP last week called "First Time." On Twitter, he asked his followers to sound off which of the four songs they liked the best.

But to get his fans attention, Payne added a shirtless pic of himself doing yoga... which seemed to get people's attention more than his music. And some astute fans noticed something... very specific in the photo.

Find the tweet below along with the reactions.


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