Rocker Tyler Carter Cut From Band After More Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

Monday September 7, 2020

 Tyler Carter
Tyler Carter  (Source:Facebook)

Members of the rock/metalcore band Issues cut ties with lead singer Tyler Carter, 28, after allegations of grooming and sexual misconduct by him have been reported in social media over the past few weeks.

In a statement reported on the website Lambgoat, the band issued the following statement: "Recently we have become aware of allegations against Tyler Carter, of grooming and sexual misconduct. We, Josh, Sky, and AJ, will no longer be working with Tyler. We believe survivors."

"Carter was alleged by a Twitter user to have groomed them when they were 14 years old, and that Carter sexually assaulted them when they were 'passed out drunk,'" writes the website NME.

"The user, whose Twitter profile has since been set to private, also accused Carter of "constantly asking me for nudes for the entirety of our 'friendship' while I was very underage."

In a lengthy tweet, "Carter has now responded to the allegations made against him," writes NME, "penning a lengthy statement where he acknowledges that he has 'no doubt made mistakes... crossed boundaries... and had trouble with understanding influence and power dynamics.'"

"The frontman added that he has 'never physically assaulted anyone in my life,' but admits that he has 'escalated conversations and abused my power.'"

Carter came out as bisexual in 2015, his Wikipedia page reports. He became engaged to Trent Morey Leffler in an emotional tweet.

But on Thursday, Carter was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by an industry colleague — Miss Fortune vocalist Mikey Sawyer, who went public with his accusations . in a lengthy statement with Lambcoat.

The pair met in 2011 when the 18-year old Sawyer pitched him a song in a troubled collaboration. They met when the band came to Oklahoma City, Sawyer says before "he agreed to meet with me and put me on the guest list, he sent me some extremely sexual texts messages and photos to see if I was willing to engage, to which I told him, 'I'm not gay, it wouldn't even work like that for me I'm sorry bro :( I still really want to be friends though.'"

They met and Sawyer admits to being "enamored by Carter" and appreciative of the advice he gave him "that has served me throughout my career to this day."

After the Oklahoma City show, Carter texted Sawyer while they stood in a group saying, "'I want to s-ck you off so bad lol.' to which I was like, 'Ah shit, I would man but there's too many people around.' I literally had no other play at that moment, at that age, and under those circumstances, I just said what I thought would be cool at the time.

"We went to the show, I told Tyler we couldn't f-ck, so he ghosted me the entire night, and embarrassed me to my bandmates who were excited to meet him after he had just featured on our new song," Sawyer told Lambcoat.

Mikey Sawyer in a screenshot from the July 2020 video of Miss Fortune's song "The Kid's Aren't All Right"

In his account, Sawyer accuses Carter of professional jealousy when someone suggested he sing more like the Miss Fortune lead man. But the pair did meet again in 2014 in what Sawyer says was "the absolute worst experience of my whole life, which I have only spoken about but to a few close people in recent years."

What happened was Carter invited Sawyer and members of Miss Fortune to stay with them at mansion outside Atlanta. "We got there and everything was great, they offered us booze and some weed, which I was super stoked because Tyler never ever smoked with me before which was so cool he was finally hanging out with us and I was kinda proving to my friends that "yo see? I'm really friends with this guy!"

When it was time for bed, Carter asked Sawyer to sleep with him. "Obviously this is the part of the story that I don't feel comfortable going into details, but effectively Tyler coerced me into letting him do things with me that I didn't want to do. He knows in his heart that I'm completely straight and only played into these acts because I was manipulated, abused and groomed by him. The next morning, I was mortified by the thought of getting caught up in people thinking I was gay, or that I wanted Tyler because of his fame in music.

"I knew after that night he would be done speaking to me," Sawyer continued. "I knew he tainted my name with his band members, and with people around me in my circle trying to paint me like some closet weirdo who was just clout chasing. I was even told by people on the Beautiful Oblivion tour that when asked about me, Tyler would clown me and say that I s-cked his d-ck because I'm such a fan, etc. These lies were very hurtful to me, and damaging to my reputation in friend groups who now would look at me with a side eye."

Sawyer stayed quiet, though, due to professional reasons. "I was forced to stay quiet because I didn't want to fuck things up for my band, and Tyler was protected by higher ups in the music business, people who have made millions of dollars knowing what Tyler was into back in those days." Adding, "I know several guys in bands who have similar stories, but I'm only speaking on this because my name has been brought into this without my consent. I'm speaking my truth to finally set the record straight on this. Since people have been asking, no I'm not gay in the slightest bit.

"I know I should have said something much sooner, I shouldn't have went along with it, I shouldn't have stayed silent while he continued doing this to other straight men."

Watch Mikey Sawyer and Miss Fortune in their latest music video," The Hardest Part is Past Us" In his Facebook post about the song he wrote: "I think it's one of the most emotional and chill songs we've ever written as a band and it was a step out of everyone's comfort zone. I'm an artist who still likes to challenge myself sometimes so I wanted this song to serve as a time capsule as well as relate to many people who need it most. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Vocals produced by me"

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