Trans Rocker Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday Reunite for Two Shows

Friday December 1, 2017

Since the contentious 2016 election, President Trump has exhibited a number of blatantly transphobic behaviors, even, at times, contradicting his campaign promises. In February, his administration revoked school guidance on bathroom access for transgender children.

As if this was not enough, the President tweeted back in July that he would reinstate a ban on transgender people enlisting in the military, citing them as a burden. Most recently, however, Trump nominated Jeff Mateer for a federal judgeship, a politician who only two years ago claimed that transgender children were the work of "Satan's plan."

Evidently, even with all the progress made for the transgender community, there is still a very long road ahead of us and as such, advocate and rocker, Lisa Jackson and her raw backing band, Girl Friday, are returning to the stage after an eleven-year hiatus, for an exclusive, two-night run at Ars Nova on December 2 and 4.

"Its a worship service for social justice warriors." says Jackson of the shows, "In a true democracy the federal government has your back. I feel as a transgender woman, I feel our government does not have my back. I feel it is our duty to practice democracy -- power to the people type of democracy -- and create energy and a movement for people who feel marginalized and not taken care of."

All proceeds from the reunion shows will be donated to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, an organization committed to ending discrimination based upon gender identity and expression and to achieving equality for transgender people through public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, and public policy efforts.

Jackson quickly made a name for herself in the New York music scene, howling lyrics challenging the status quo and detailing the eternal quest to unapologetically be one's self. Jackson's performances were endlessly energetic, fusing glam and punk rock together to create a truly unique experience.

The aforementioned vitality can be clearly seen in the music video for "AOK."

After 11 years, your favorite glam-rock band is back. Combining a punk rock energy with an arena-rock theatricality, you can't help but raise your lighters (or smartphones) to, Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday are reuniting for two nights only at Ars Nova, and they want YOU to be there to help celebrate their return to the stage. Lisa and the boys are back, and everything is A-OK.

Who is Lisa Jackson? Punk. Rock. Glam. Fearless. Lyrics which praise the bravery of those who dare to be different. A backing band pulsing with raw energy and intensely emotional musicianship. Lisa Jackson is an icon waiting to happen. Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday were one of the most buzzed about bands in New York City -- playing to packed clubs all around town, headlining major outdoor festivals throughout the country, selling more CDS than they could produce and attracting the most diverse, loyal fan following a band could hope for.

In Girl Friday, Jackson has found a backing band rivaled only by Elvis' Attractions or Bowie's Spiders From Mars. With Steve Lavner maniacally pounding on the keys with virtuoso mad scientist chops, Jeff Gurner laying down the heaviest of pockets on the bass and Freddie "Boom Boom" Sanchez delivering both slam and swagger behind the drums, Girl Friday lays the perfect foundation for Lisa's Townshend-inspired guitar riffs and powerhouse vocal delivery. Turn it up and turn it out.

Join Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday at 8 p.m. from December 2-4 at Ars Nova, 511 W 54th Street, New York, NY 10019. Tickets: $15.

For tickets or information, call 212-352-3101 visit or