Lady Gaga Adds Hot Pink 'Chromatica' Jockstraps to Merch Store, Twitter Reacts

Tuesday May 12, 2020

If you want to be a little monster inside and out, Lady Gaga has you covered.

Ahead of her new album "Chromatica," the pop star has added special undergarments to her merchandise store on her website. Fans can now purchase "Chromatica" themed hot pink jockstraps and thongs.

Those looking for a jockstrap will have to fork over $30 but if they want a thong, it'll cost $20. The limited edition undergarments are screen printed with the album title on the waistband and also come with a digital copy of "Chromatica." They'll also be shipped out in four-to-five-weeks just for fans to strut their stuff for Pride month.

Gaga even shared the new merch on her Instagram.

Of course, Twitter fans had something to say about the racy clothing.

After postponing her sixth album, which was supposed to be out last month, Gaga recently revealed "Chromatica" be made available be on May 29. The album features collaborations with Elton John, Ariana Grande and the K-pop group BLACKPINK. Earlier this year, Gaga shared the lead single "Stupid Love."

Click here to check out Gaga's merch store.