Ripparachie's Rapping for a Gay Cause


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday January 14, 2015

Ripparachie's musical career has been a strenuous path due to coming out as a gay Hip Hop artist to prove that his sexuality does not have anything to do with his lyricist skills. From being gay bashed by the online Hip Hop community to major artists blocking him on social media, he decided to record a song entitled "To: Society." In this song Ripparachie explains his passion for music and why he should not be judged in a biased society. "Ask me how I feel about you judging, when none of y'all are judges," says Ripparachie in this positive song.

In this subliminal music video, Ripparachie is walking a path from the bottom of life to the top. As he walks up Chauncey Hill, he will face situations that help him stay on path until the negativity occurs which encourages Ripparachie to cross lanes leading to a successful and positive mind frame.

Sponsored by Code Decoded, this video was made in hopes that Ripparachie's experiences can change society's acceptance of sexuality for good.

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