Out Singer Julie Curly Releases First Full-Length Album

Tuesday June 6, 2017

After five years in the making following up her first full-length album "Confessions," out singer/songwriter Julie Curly is ready to take the world by surprise with her latest album "Flower Power Soul." Although all songs on the album are very personal, derived from autobiographical facts and stories emphasizing on personal convictions, they take the singer-songwriter out of her comfort zone.

"For a long time, I wanted to produce this English album, but I was scared: I stayed in my comfort zone," explains Curly. "With a little help from FACTOR and the Government of Canada, in terms of funding (and personal confidence), I took my courage and got out of my comfort zone! This album is, for me, setting both feet outside of my comfort zone and start walking on a new path."

A brilliant singer/songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, Curly is a beautiful soul with such creativity and passion in her music. Delivering songs in both French and English, this woman has no boundaries.

Launched May 1st and well-received in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and other Canadian provinces, the first radio single, entitled "Stuck in Your Comfort Zone," has a pop/soul/bluesy sound. It invites us to leave our comfort zone with confidence, reminding ourselves not to let fear control our desires.

Julie's upcoming EP release will be held during a two-hour show on June 9 at Restaurant Marius in Chambly and on June 25 the four-piece band will play at Le Balattou in Montreal. You can pre-order the album "Flower Power Soul" on iTunes.

"'Flower Power Soul' offers sophisticated songs that draw their essence from an instinctive and authentic music and lyrics that brings back the spirit of the '60s and '70s!," said Curly.

For more information, visit www.juliecurly.com