Bacteria Cult

by Ken Tasho

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday April 1, 2016

Bacteria Cult

If there ever was a movie entitled "Bacteria Cult," the latest musical offering from Ipecac Recordings under the same title would be its soundtrack.

How ironic it is then that the second release from Kaada/Patton features the two musicians who have delved into movie soundtracks in the past. So who is Kaada/Patton? Kaada, otherwise known as John Kaada, is a Norwegian composer and has released five studio albums on his own. Patton, aka Mike Patton, appears on so many different recordings that it's sometimes hard to keep track of this mad genius. His love of films scores goes back to "The Director's Cut" by Fantomas and Patton has made well-received film soundtracks as well.

With varying titles on "Bacteria Cult" such as "Red Rainbow," "Black Albino," and "Fountain Gasoline," each song takes on its very own cinematic life. Kaada's lush instrumentation coupled with Patton's oohs, aahs, cooings, and general multi-layered vocals become an intense listening experience. Close your eyes and you can vision an indie horror movie soundtrack.

Lead promotional track "Imodium" is one such example and with a haunting and disturbing, movie-like video to accompany it, the music will take you to another place.

These aren't pop songs or sing-along ditties that will get played on the radio or on a streaming service. But if you want to enjoy real music, with real instruments, and a real singer, "Cult Bacteria" should be bought. Both the CD and the LP can be purchased on the Ipecac Recordings website.

"Kaada/Patton - Bacteria Cult"



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