One Million Moms Claim They Got ’The New Normal’ Cancelled

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Wednesday May 15, 2013

It's been a busy month for those One Million Moms.

Last week, the anti-gay group linked to the American Family Association targeted the Walt Disney Company for not banning the unofficial "Gay Days" LGBT event held yearly Walt Disney World. A week earlier, the "moms" gave Philips Norelco digital spanking for airing a television commercial featuring manscaping that they found distasteful. Now, OMM is taking a victory lap claiming, bragging rights for NBC's recent decision to cancel "The New Normal," the well reviewed but poorly rated sitcom that centers around a gay couple.

As reported on Joe My God, OMM sent out an email to its supporters stating, "Our persistence has paid off once again! The New Normal got the axe by NBC after the show's first and only season! Another program we have worked to end, "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23," has also been canceled and will no longer air on ABC."

Last October, after months of condemning "The New Normal" prior to its premiere, OMM announced a boycott against the sitcom and saying the show, "has constantly ridiculed anyone who believes differently than its makers do and even mocks conservative values," according to the Christian Post.

But the program's writers didn't take the group's threats too seriously and decided to have a little fun at OMM's expense by having Ellen Barkin's racist and homophobic character say "I need the help of every one of you future One Million Moms" in an episode following the boycott.

Not seeing the humor in this, OMM issued a response on their website: "Even though they attempted to poke fun, the show actually made One Million Moms look good," the statement reads. "The conservative grandmother chose three girls who are raised in traditional families who share the same beliefs she does to help her cancel her granddaughter's fake wedding ... By the way, thanks for the free publicity!"

While it's true that "The New Normal" and a number of other LGBT-centric shows have recently gotten the boot, it's unclear whether the decisions were made due to poor ratings or relentless nagging on One Million Moms' facebook page.

OMM also made headlines recently for setting their sights on "Gay Days," an unofficial LGBT event at Disney World.

"Homosexuals will be celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Gay Day wearing matching Gay Day merchandise, such as T-shirts," the group said in a statement. "There will also be transvestites dressed in drag showing their support for the event. This event is planned with the intent to expose and desensitize children to this lifestyle by same-sex couples holding hands, hugging and kissing. In short, a Gay Day participant's main goal is to be seen versus seeing Disney World."

Before that, the ultra conservative group, which does not really have a million moms as members, challenged Norelco's manscaping ad because it suggests a man is shaving his "private areas." The organization said in a statement that the ad went "WAY TOO FAR!" and even urged its Facebook supporters to boycott the shaving company.

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