Watch: New Hallmark Film Features Same-Sex Marriage in Storyline

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday August 17, 2020

This coming Saturday, the Hallmark Channel's new film "Wedding Every Weekend" will feature a same-sex marriage as part of its main storyline, Entertainment Weekly reports. According to the EW:

"Wedding Every Weekend" follows the characters of Brooke (Kimberly Sustad) and Nate (Paul Campbell), who decide to attend four upcoming weddings together as friends to avoid being set-up. One of the four nuptials the pair attend includes a celebration of Amanda (Makayla Moore) and Vicky's (Carmel Amit) love.

The film is a step toward more inclusive programming after Hallmark faced backlash at the end of 2019 for pulling and then reinstating an advertisement that featured a lesbian couple.

Last month, when the Hallmark network announced 18 (of 40) upcoming films, there did not appear to be a single LGBTQ+-centered storyline among them. A few weeks later, it appeared as though Lifetime might beat Hallmark to the punch with its upcoming holiday film "The Christmas Set Up." Despite the lack of an expressly LGBTQ+ film in Hallmark's announcement — at least until now, that is — the anti-LGBTQ+ hate group One Million Moms called for a boycott Hallmark all the same, in what appears to be an attempt to get Hallmark to back away from its promise to be more inclusive in its programming.

Watch an on-location feature for "Wedding Every Weekend":

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