Watch: Pro-Dancing Hunk Giovanni Pernice Says He'd Welcome Same-Sex Partner on Competition Show

Saturday February 20, 2021
Originally published on February 17, 2021

Giovanni Pernice
Giovanni Pernice  (Source:Instagram)

Italian professional dancer Giovanni Pernice began pursuing his career when he moved from his native Sicily to Bologna to study. He grew up watching the British competitive dance series "Strictly Come Dancing," the equivalent of "Dancing with the Stars," and was able to make his dream of appearing on the show a reality when he joined it in 2015. Since then he has made it to the show's final match-up twice (2017 and 2018), and has become one of the show's more popular performers.

On Season 17 he was paired with "RuPaul's Drag Race" judge Michelle Visage. They were eliminated on Week 9 of the dance competition series.

And now he would like to shake things up a bit, telling the British talk show "Loose Women" that he's interested in dancing with a same-sex celebrity on the show.

"I'm up for a change. I'm up for something different," he said.

Giovanni Pernice on "Loose Women"  

The possibility came up after Nicola Adams and Katya Jones became the first same-sex partnership to compete on the show last year, reports the Daily Mail. The couple was forced to bow out of the series early after Katya tested positive for coronavirus.

"Nicola and Katya did a fantastic job, it's a shame what happened and they had to leave the show. Dancing with a man would challenge me because you have to make the choreography suitable for both of us. I'm used to doing it with a girl but with a boy would be different," Pernice explained.

He even has a male celebrity in mind — and it may come as a surprise.

"I did an interview where I said I would dance with Piers Morgan," he told the chat show.

"Loose Women" contacted Morgan about the possibility and he was up for it, even mentioning when he had a same-sex dance partner in the past.

"I did the Paso Doble with Bruno on the dancefloor at my 50th. He called me a stylish stallion. So there you go, got your partner," Morgan said.

"It would be interesting because he is a very strong character, I'm sure he can dance."

He had previously told the Daily Mirror that he was "more than ready to be partnered with a man."

Adding, "It would give me a chance to challenge myself with new routines, you have to think more about it. I love challenging myself."

But says the final decision isn't up to him. "It's not down to me, if the production people come to me and said, 'listen Giovanni we'd love you to be partnered with a man', I'd say 'yes'."

As for dancing with Morgan, "I think Piers is a fantastic person. I really respect him. I would love to see him on the dancefloor."

He also took a moment to dis-spell the rumors that he has a relationship with Morgan's "Good Morning Britain" co-host Ranvir Singh, telling Entertainment Daily that despite the chemistry between the pair when they danced on the show, they aren't dating.

"No, no, no no no," he said, "Again, I'm single, absolutely there's no way. We are very very good friends," he confirmed.

"If people at home or the judges think you have a great connection then it means my job, what I'm doing, is perfect. We deliver exactly what the dances require. Remember, we are actors," he said.

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