Watch: He Captured America's Hearts in His Speedo, But Not the 'American Idol' Judges

Tuesday February 23, 2021
Originally published on February 22, 2021

Mario Adrion
Mario Adrion  (Source:Mario Adrion/American Idol)

"American Idol" premiered last week with an appearance by social media sensation Claudia Conway (daughter of political insiders Kellyanne and George Conway) that capitalized on her famous rift with her parents. So much so that some in the media accused the producers of exploiting the teenager. Her performance of the Adele song "When We Were Young" hit a positive nerve with the judges, who voted her forward.

But it was Mario Adrion pretty much stole the show, despite not being able to sing. Described by the website Meaww as "less of a singer and more of a model. The handsome hunk hails from Germany. For his audition, he turned up in striped red speedos, revealing that in Europe speedos was a normal thing as compared to the US. He performed a quirky original track which interestingly had quite a few references to the speedo. Adrion left the judges in splits as he put on a hilarious performance."

Some, though, thought Adrion was a plant. "A new audition segment from the once-popular talent show shows judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan being forced to listen to a nearly naked man named Mario sing his heart out," writes The Sword. "The man, who I'm assuming was planted by producers to create a wacky must-see TV moment that 'American Idol' hasn't had in years, can be seen only wearing white shoes, tall socks, and a striped Speedo-style bottom."

"I know that when I enter and the judges see me, they will be shocked by my appearance. But I don't want them to look at my body, I want them to be impressed by my voice, "said the model, who has an OnlyFans channel, more 565,00 subscribers on its Youtube channel and 232K on Instagram.

"In Europe, we are more open about Speedos, you know," the 26-year old said before launching into his own composition, a hilarious paean to his ambition to put the runway behind and be a singer. "I don't want to be objectified/Music makes me electrified," he wanly sang as he pushed his ass out. Later, he laments: "People like me for my underwear/Never see my talent. This isn't fair." And at the song's end, he bounced his pecs.

The skeptical judges (Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan) heard him plea that his place on the stage wasn't just for him, but for aspiring singing models everywhere. "Before you make your decision, I think this could also be a statement, you know. This goes out to all the models out there who think they can be more than just models, you know what I am saying."

But sizing him up as just a model after all, Katy Perry challenged him to a "walk-off" to decide (what's in question is never defined), to which Mario says: "I'm going to destroy you, but I am down on it." All three judges participated, with hottie Mario playing a good sport to the tired gag.

Then came the axe. "Listen, I don't care that you look like Harry Styles, you don't sound like Harry Styles. Let's just be honest," said the blunt Perry. "If you could hit us some notes, I'm telling you right now, you could take over the world in 15 seconds," said Ritchie with his negative vote. Breaking down a bit, Mario sheepishly asked who won the runway to Perry. "I think you did, and I think you are still winning," treacled Perry. "I think you should still model because you are so much fun. It's a no from American Idol, but it is a yes for life."

On his YouTube site he describes himself this way: "I'm a German Model, YouTuber and Comedian breaking the norm all around the world."

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