Watch: Winslet-Ronan Lesbian Drama Gets the 'SNL' Treatment

Sunday April 11, 2021

"SNL" found a ripe satiric target with the Kate Winslet-Saoirse Ronan-helmed lesbian drama "Ammonite" this week with a trailer for a new film. "From the makers of 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' and 'Ammonite,' comes a new-award winning film 'Lesbian period Drama,'" says the narrator. "Another film that isn't afraid to ask, will these lesbians be lesbians together?"

Like "Ammonite," the faux film is set on the rocky British coast in the mid-19th century and has guest host Carey Mulligan playing a sick woman being cared for by an emotionally remote paleontologist (series regular Heidi Gardner), mirroring the relationship between Ronan and Winslet in Francis Lee's film. "Starring two straight actresses who dare not to wear make-up, 12 lines of dialogue, two-and-a-half hours run time," says the trailer's narrator.

The skit also features series regular Kate McKinnon as "the one actual lesbian actress as Stone Cold Ex," who says of her relationship with Gardner, "Oh, yeah, we together for two years, but the sex was so bad that we broke-up even though there isn't another lesbian for five whole countries."

"Ammonite's" much-reported sex scene is also parodied with the line: "Two hours of excruciating tension all building up to a sex scene so graphic you'll think, 'Oh, right. A man directed this,'" concludes the narrator.

"Ammonite" can be streamed at Hulu with a subscription or rented through all major streaming services.

Watch the skit below: