In College Tucker Carlson Was Member of the 'Dan White Society' (As in Harvey Milk's Assassin)

Thursday April 22, 2021
Originally published on April 22, 2021

Tucker Carlson's toxicity has gone up a notch (if it can) this week when insights from his college yearbook were revealed. Amongst them was that he "identified himself as being part of the 'Dan White Society' in his 1991 Trinity College yearbook entry," reported The Wrap. "Dan White was the name of the man who killed San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official, in 1978."

Perhaps Carlson didn't want this information released to the public, because on his FOX News show on Tuesday he slammed The Washington Post's Erik Wemple as "a mentally unbalanced middle-aged man" because he learned the journalist was looking into his yearbook.

"Jeff Bezos had one of his minions, a mentally unbalanced middle-aged man called Erik Wemple, pull our dusty college yearbook and call around and see if we'd done anything naughty at the age of 19," Carlson told viewers, referring to the Amazon CEO, who also owns the Post, reported The Hill. "Let us know if you hear any good stories."

Wemple, The Hill added, declined to comment on Carlson's comments or if he was investigating the host's background. Nor did Fox News or a rep from Carlson's show immediately comment on the report or answer if journalists should be investigating the highly rated talk show host's college days.

But as author Travis Akers tweeted, Carlson was likely taking the offensive because he was a member of a club named for a political assassin.

In addition, Carlson was said to be a member of the Jesse Helms Foundation, a group named for the late, conservative North Carolina senator known for his homophobic and racist views.