It's Streaming Men... Hallelujah!

Sunday March 20, 2022
Originally published on March 19, 2022

To paraphrase The Weather Girls, It's streaming men... hallelujah.

What else can be said about the bounty of hunks available on numerous streaming services that continue to push the conventional tastes of network television? Who thought five years ago that a rimming scene would become an internet meme? Or we would wonder if Adam Demos' member is real or not?

But as tastes change, rules bend, and "Euphoria" shows that a star can be born from a penis reveal, streaming services continue to offer hot content that makes paying a little extra a month worthwhile.

And if you don't want to wade through hours of television to get to see, say, that classic "White Lotus" scene, the website Mr. Man is for you. They assemble thousands of clips from films and television featuring sexy content for easy viewing.

Below are some of the sexiest:

Randy Harry Lawtey on 'Industry'

This British-American series (on HBO Max) follows a group of recent college graduates vying for positions at Pierpoint & Co, a prestigious investment bank in London. But as prestigious as the firm is, the going-ons of its employees, both its young charges and old hands, is anything but. The sex and drug content on the show rivals "Euphoria." By far its randiest character is Harry Lawtey's Robert — a working class lad whose ambition has landed him at posh schools and Pierpoint, but his randy sexual appetite and drug use may just ruin his chances for a job. Throughout the first season, Harry had an ongoing flirtation with another student, Yasmin (Marisa Abela,) which culminated in an outrageous scene where she gives him a wank in a rest room that ends up with his 'jism' on the mirror.

Check out the bathroom scene on "Industry".

Yasmin, though, has her own hot bf in as Seb Oldroyd, played by hunky Jonathan Barnwell, who went full-frontal in a steamy scene with Abela where they have oral sex in their kitchen.

Watch Jonathan Barnwell's full-frontal scene on "Industry.".

Teacher's Pet from "Gossip Girl"

Television's new openness came at just the right time for "Gossip Girl," whose sexy reboot of the popular CW series of a decade ago on HBO Max was addictive viewing. The difference this time around is that the source of the drama — a social media site called Gossip Girl — is a group of teachers out to teach a lesson to the children of the super-rich attending the exclusive New York's East Side private school Constance Billard. One of its sexiest plot memes followed the hot cat-and-mouse seduction between Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty), Constance Billard's sexually fluid Lothario, and Rafa Caparros (Jason Gotay), his hot teacher. Throughout the season, Max relentlessly pursued Rafa, who adamantly spurned his advances, that was until he didn't.

Watch the sexy hookup between Doherty and Gotay on "Gossip Girl."

That Adam Demos Thing

What turned out to be 2021's most-talked about full-frontal scenes led many to wonder, "is it real?" After dropping last June, the Netflix series "Sex/Life" quickly caught fire after Demos' shower scene was aired. In the moment, he was being spied on by the husband of a woman with whom he once had an affair, and his greatest fears were realized when Demos turned around in the shower for what's been the most-paused scene in Netflix history. Demos was so endowed that many speculated it was a prosthetic, but the Aussie actor's high school friends went public to say it is the real thing.

See Adams Demos' shower scene at Mr. Man/

Nicholas Hoult Grows Up

Nicholas Hoult got his start in "About a Boy," the 2002 rom-com where he played a teenage boy who coerces a relationship-phobic man (Hugh Grant) into dating his mom. 21 years later, Hoult is tearing up the screen as Peter on Hulu's historical comedy "The Great." On the series he plays the deposed Russian emperor held in captive by his wife, Catherine (Elle Fanning). While Hoult's Peter is restricted to a wing of the palace, it didn't keep him from taking a stroll in the nude.

Watch Nicholas Hoult's naked jaunt on Mr. Man.

"The Righteous Gemstones" isn't necessarily a show thought of in terms of hotness — though we do admit to having crushed on Adam DeVine, and find his clueless gay relationship with co-star Tony Cavalero endearing. What made this past season so hot was the arrival of The God Squad, Kelvin's army of hunky body builders who are also on Christ's journey with him. But when there's dissension in the ranks, there's the Bear the Cross Challenge. This is a crazy Christian twist on an Iron Man-styled event in which someone must carry a twelve-foot cross twenty feet, then make it stand. When Thor-like Brock O'Hurn challenges DeVine, he shows his enormous strength and bulges in this sweaty scene.

Watch Brock O'Hurn 'bear the cross' on "The Righteous Gemstones".

'White Lotus' Pushes the Envelope

And speaking of comedy, it is hard to overlook "The White Lotus," which featured one of the most talked-about scenes in streaming history. It was the rimming scene seen around the world. In the scene, Murray Bartlett, as the drug-addled manager of the luxury resort for which Mike White's series is named, is caught "lettuce-tossing" his equally fucked-up employee, Lukas Gage. The scene has such notoriety that Gage became the unofficial spokesperson for rimming, even appearing on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" as an advocate for sexual practice. 

Watch the 'salad-tossing' scene on Mr. Man.

Sexual Fluidity on "Penny Dreadful"

Out director/writer/producer John Logan's "Penny Dreadful" is a fantasia on horror themes that had two series on "Showtime." It is well worth a look, if only for its fluid sexuality. In the show's first incarnation, which lasted three seasons, this mash-up of fictional horror characters in Victorian London featured the eerily beautiful Reeve Carney as the eerily beautiful Dorian Gray and hunky Josh Hartnett as a tortured American with werewolf tendencies When the two hooked up, the moment was electric.

Watch Reeve Carney hook up with Josh Hartnett on "Penny Dreadful".

In the show's second incarnation, sexy Johnathan Nieves and Sebastian Chacon meet up on a dance floor in such a spectacularly staged number that we can only wish Logan would direct a musical. Later, Chacon comes in on Nieves having sex with Chacon's girlfriend, but instead of getting angry, he joins in for a three-way that was a sexy highlight in this fascinating take on race and politics in 1940s Hollywood.

Watch the sexy three-way from "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels".

Being Euphoric

Sam Levinson's "Euphoria" may have the distinction of having a locker room scene with some 40 men in full-frontal — something worthy of some kind of record. Over the show's two seasons, the sex and drug use are copious, and Levinson has rarely shied away from showing it. While the show has an endless array of clips to choose from, here are two that immediately come to mind: Austin Abrams poking fun at cast mate Jacob Elordi in an elaborate musical number that plays like "Locker Room Gang Bang."

Check out the musical number at Mr. Man.

And Ansel Wolf Pierce, whose twenty-second walk-on during the Season 2 premiere made him an overnight sensation. Looking at the clip, you will understand why.

See Pierce's impressive package at Mr. Man.

Three from Tom Mercier

Israeli actor Tom Mercier made quite an impression on Luca Guadagnino's "We Are Who We Are," another teen drama with copious sex and drugs, this one set on U.S. Army base in Italy during the 2016 presidential election. On the show's first episode, the confident Mercier was observed full-frontal in a shower by the show's sexually conflicted protagonist, a 14-year-old teenager (Jack Dylan Grazer), which set the stage for the drama to come between them.

See Tom Mercier in the shower at Mr. Man.

Mercier's comfort level with appearing in the nude before a camera may come from having done so as the lead in Israeli director Nadav Lapid's "Synonyms," a drama about an Israeli man who moves to Paris to escape his homeland. In 2019, the film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. In the film, he had a number of NSFW scenes: In one, he strips down to take a shower and jerks off, then finds his personal belongings stolen.

Watch Tom Mercier in "Synonyms" at Mr. Man.

Even more provocative is a scene where he strips down for a photo shoot and is asked by the photographer to stroke himself.

Watch Tom Mercier in "Synonyms" at Mr. Man.

This is just scratching the surface of hot clips catalogued by Mr. For more, go to Mr.