'Euphoria' Star Jacob Elordi Opens Up About Wild Locker Room Scene, Toxic Masculinity

Tuesday June 25, 2019

Actor Jacob Elordi is talking with The Hollywood Reporter, sharing his thoughts about starring in the new HBO teen drama "Euphoria" and his latest scene involving appearing with a number of naked men.

In the show, Elordi plays Nate, a jock who has a tenuous relationship with his father (Eric Dane) and a strange relationship with his girlfriend Maddy (Alexa Demie). In his interview, he talked about toxic masculinity, dealing with nudity on set and moving past his role in Netflix's popular teen rom-com "The Kissing Booth."

THR asked about the now-infamous locker room scene in which Elordi is surrounded by naked men and how the 21-year-old actor felt about it. He said there was an intimacy coordinator who "had to review every single penis before putting it on the show."

"For me, it was interesting because that scene was actually very real, and the look on my face and the way that I was feeling was very real," he explained. "The energy in the room of that many big men jumping and yelling and slapping you — nudity aside — I'm nothing like Nate, and it was so intense.

"I didn't realize locker rooms could be so intense, but it was actually quite hilarious," Elordi told THR. "I don't care about that kind of stuff, and it's funny reading all of the reviews now — everyone's like, 'There's this many penises.' But when you're there, it was just hilarious. I think it's a funny scene, and I'll definitely never forget it."

Dane, who plays Nate's father on "Euphoria," also recently spoke about his full-frontal scene alongside trans actor Hunter Schafer.

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