Watch: Netflix Announces Return of Reality Shows 'The Circle' & 'Too Hot to Handle'

Tuesday March 23, 2021
Originally published on March 23, 2021

Netflix is finally announcing the return of two of its reality popular reality shows: "The Circle" and "Too Hot to Handle."

"The Circle" Season 2's first four episodes will be released on April 14. The next four episodes will arrive a week later on April 21. The last batch of episodes, including the finale, air on May 5. The second season of the dating show "Too Hot to Handle" is being billed as a multi-week program and will air on Wednesday in June, Entertainment Weekly reports.

More than a year ago, the first season of the U.S. version of "The Circle" hit Netflix. It finds people secluded in their own rooms, playing a social strategy game through the show's social media platform. Some contestants, however, choose to catfish and play as a different person. "Too Hot to Handle" is a dating show where contestants try to make bonds without physical connections.

Watch Netflix's announcement in the video below.