@theCuddleBoys: 'The Other Two' Has Fun with Instagay Couples

Tuesday September 7, 2021
Originally published on September 7, 2021

"The Other Two" is taking over from "Schitt's Creek" in portraying sweet, affecting gay romance, but the HBO Max hit doesn't shy away from making its satirical digs at queer culture.

"The Other Two" is taking over from "Schitt's Creek" in portraying sweet, affecting gay romance; but unlike David Rose (Dan Levy) and Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid), the nurturing one between Cary Dubek (Drew Tarver) and Jess (Gideon Glick) isn't going so well.

It was on shaky ground from the start having been willed into being by Pat Dubek (Molly Shannon), Cary's mom, now a daytime chat show superstar who told her fans that her son had a boyfriend before he realized it.

Cary goes along with this, but at the end of Episode 3, a misunderstanding leads to Jess telling Cary that he's his "everything" and he loves him. "Uh-oh," Cary responds.

Things get worse on Episode 4 when Jess takes an uneasy Cary out of the city for a "surprise getaway." At an orchard where they're apple picking, Cary runs into Cameron Colby (actor and YouTuber Jimmy Fowlie), who was one of the Instagays from Season One, but now is married and rebranded with his husband as rural social media influencers.

"That whole life is behind me now that I'm married," he says. "And my name's not Cameron anymore. It's @thePropertyDaddies," adding, "I decided to take my personal life in a new direction creatively, so now I'm married, I live upstate and I feel positive. You have to come over and meet the other daddy!"

At their house, @thePropertyDaddies open the door shirtless "in their pj's," then show them their "gallery wall" of their favorite memories, which include IGs of them wearing jeans to bed and painting a barn door in overalls. Their favorite memory is one POV shot of their feet. "We'll never forget it because we got 800,000 likes in three minutes."

Cary gets more and more horrified when @thePropertyDaddies model look-alike sweatshirts with each's corny nicknames imprinted on it, and recall their recent trip to Paris, where they went directly to Disney Paris and then came home. What may be the last straw is @thePropertyDaddies suggestion for their social media identity: @theCuddleBoys. "And it can just be pictures of you cuddling in every room of your house."

Cary then asks them if there is anything they miss about not being single, and @thePropertyDaddies answers: "No way. I spent all my 20s being crazy. I was ready to settle down," to which Cary replies, (mostly to himself) "I never really did the crazy part."

@thePropertyDaddies tell them of a pilot they have for HGTV called "Flipping House from Top to Bottom," then (in a bit of magical realism) show Cary and Jess a nearby property they own, identical to their own. "Maybe in five years we could afford something like this, maybe 10..." says Jess; but the notion of a "gallery wall" gives Cary a panic attack.

"I'm sorry I can't, I can't do this too much," he tells Jess when they are alone. "I don't know...like wear jeans in bed and go apple picking and shave each other's faces."

He continued: "I don't want to be a cuddle boy, like I, I want to be a sex boy, like I like sex."

"OK, I like sex too," Jess responds. "Obviously. I mean, not during the week but only weekends, like Sundays before HBO."

"The thing is I think I want to have sex instead of HBO," says Cary.

"Now you're just being insane," replies Jess.

"I don't want to go to Disney Paris, I want to go to regular Paris and, like, find some guy named Pierre on the street and blow him and never see him again. And I do want to use a butt plug. That sounds really hot...," says Cary.

"I think I've just realized that I've only seen six dicks my whole life and three of them were straight. One of them is my own and one of them was so bad it shouldn't even count. I don't know," Cary goes on to say. "I feel like maybe I need to see more dicks before I settle down. We should not first see 50 dicks and then there'll be one dick that's like, that's the dick for me. That's it. I mean, I'm not even talking about dicks anymore. Yeah, no, I got that."

He wasn't and they break up.

Cary's sister Brooke (the other half of "The Other Two") is now part of her younger brother Chase's (Case Walker) management team, and on Episode 3, gets invited to accompany the teen star to an exclusive Vogue party but instead gets tied up with a conference call with a sponsor and misses meeting Anna Wintour and the big reveal of Jamma Hadid (draped in black throughout).

On Episode 4, she has moved to a slick high-rise, but feels lonely and sets out to trap a boyfriend by booking hunks on her mother's chat show because she has no time to date.

"Unfortunately for Brooke, it's just not meant to be. Each guy is super hot, but they all come with baggage or an obstacle she can't get past. The first guy [a super hot model that Brooke happened to fall upon in an internet search] is so attractive that every woman in the restaurant keeps congratulating Brooke on snagging such a good catch, to the point it's downright insulting (as if Brooke is ugly and dating way out of her league)," the website Fansided writes.

The second is an ex-"Bachelor" who can't do anything but talk about the show. The third is a doctor who was named "People Magazine's Sexiest Doc Alive", and who, Brooke learns, is a terrible one. And after the fourth hunk brings a giant boa on the show, she basically tells him "no way." Alone, she calls the now-single Cary to come over and, feeling her need, he does.

Just like "Schitt's Creek", "The Other Two" hits its satirical targets with just the right amount of sentiment. And with both a recently out, gay main character and story lines that skew queer culture (hilariously at that), "The Other Two" is the most knowing LGBTQ+ show on television right now. Where else can you find @theCuddleBoys?