Samantha Jones Lives. 'And Just Like That' Team Sends Olive Leaf to Kim Cattrall

Tuesday November 2, 2021

It may be just wishful thinking by some behind the "SATC" reboot "And Just Like That," but the Daily Mail reports that Samantha Jones has not been killed off. The fate of the character — played on the original series by Kim Cattrall — has been in question since the actress turned down the offer to appear on the new HBO Max series.

Instead Cattrall revealed a feud with co-star and "AJLT" creator and producer Sarah Jessica Parker that played out in tabloid headlines last year. The issues between the two actresses emerged in 2017 when Cattrall refused to star in a third film in the franchise. At the time, Cattrall said that she was being called a "diva" for refusing to appear in the film, but instead said blame should be on Parker, whom she said "could have been nicer" while they were working. "I really think she could have been nicer," she said in an interview on Piers Morgan's ITV show 'Life Stories.'"

"I've moved on, this is what my sixties are about, they're about me making decisions for me not my career, for me. And that feels frickin fantastic," she said.

But Samantha Jones' whereabouts came up again when Parker announced the series reboot last December. In an interview at the time with the podcast Women's Prize for Fiction, Cattrall reiterated her stand:

"It was a lot of fun and I loved it and being in new territory is always exciting. I felt like we were," she said of the groundbreaking series. "Walking away, even if it's the only thing to do, you always feel, it's a bit of shame, I think. The taste of shame and you have to let go of that. You don't want to become that caged bird." 

But hope springs eternal with those behind "AJLT," "Samantha Jones is not dead!" writes the Daily Mail. "That's what Sex and the City insiders tell as they reveal Kim Cattrall's character is not being killed off, but instead her absence from the series is explained as having a falling out with Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw."

"The insiders say the writers have left the plot open for Cattrall's return and are hoping she'll come back to reprise her role for Season 2."

The insider added that they will be eventually announcing the show's second season. "This isn't a one off, this will be a series. It will be quite a while between the first and second series as Sarah Jessica Parker has a busy schedule and we have a lot of work to do to get Kim Cattrall back."

Adding: "We all miss Kim and we hope she comes back for the second season — the door will never close on her, she is an important part of the franchise."