Transgender Man Wins ’Big Brother’ U.K.

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Wednesday August 15, 2012

A transgender man has been crowned the winner of "Big Brother U.K. 2012", thanks to a public vote, Gay Star News reported.

Luke Anderson, 31, a chef from Wales, was recently named the 13th winner of the popular reality TV show. Soon after Anderson left the "Big Brother" house on Monday, he told the show's host Brain Dowling that winning hasn't hit him.

"I don't think it's sunk in yet. A big part of it was about acceptance. All my life I've been an outsider," Anderson said. "Thank you so much."

Anderson, who spent 70 days in the house, underwent gender reassignment surgery four years ago. He revealed his past to his housemates on the second day of the game, when he told them that he was born a woman named Laura.

"I was born female and have had gender reassignment," he said. "I'm a biological woman. I have had chest surgery but not the other one yet. I left it as long as possible because I didn't want to upset my parents. But in my brain I am a man."

Anderson isn't the only transgender winner of "Big Brother": In 2004, Nadia Almada placed first after charming the British TV watchers on the hugely popular show (much more popular across the pond than in the States).

The U.S. version of the reality show has been the subject of controversy since its debut in 2000. In "Big Brother 14," the series' current season, a houseguest was accused of using a homophobic slur and the "N-word," the Examiner reported.

The show's live feeds, which air on Showtime as "Big Brother After Dark," show Willie Hantz (brother of "Survivor"'s notorious villain Russell Hantz) went into a fit of rage over a rumor that he made anti-gay remarks about openly gay houseguest, Wil.

Hantz tried to defend himself and insisted he wasn't homophobic but he ended up using the "N-word," saying, "I'll knock a n---a out."

Since the incident, Hantz has been removed from the game for getting physical with another contestant.

Hantz isn't the only "Big Brother" contestant to make national headlines. A few years ago, Steven Daigle, a former "Big Brother 10" houseguest, created a buzz for starting a career in gay porn.

Daigle, who was an openly gay cowboy on the CBS series, has appeared in several adult films and is a regular in the gay porn industry EDGE reported.