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'Judy Who?' Ten Questions with Judy Gold

by Steve Duffy
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday October 15, 2019

Comic, social commentator, author, television personality, lesbian mom, host of the weekly podcast "Kill Me Now," and self described 'big mouth,' Judy Gold is no stranger to the Boston stage, having brought two of her one-person shows — "25 Questions for a Jewish Mother" and "Judy Gold is Mommy Queerest" — to the Huntington Theatre Company over the years.

On October 19, she returns to the Huntington at the Calderwood Pavilion for two shows with Varla Jean Merman (aka Jeffery Roberson) with "The Judy and Varla Show," a co-production between the Huntington and producer Mark Cortale. (For more information, follow this link.)

Gold and Jeffrey met some twenty years ago when both worked at the Post Office Cabaret in Provincetown and became fast friends. The show, which features pianist Gerald Goode, offers the pair to get together, share a few jokes, perhaps a song or two and try to figure out just who is taller.

Gold first came on the comedy scene in the 1990s as one of the few out stand-up comics. Much of her comedy concerns her being gay and Jewish, which she approaches with her usual snarky attitude that may or may not be politically correct. "Humor's the last bastion of truth telling, and it's a form of entertainment," she said in an interview last year to the Morning Call. "And it's like, 'No, oh, sorry, can't talk about this, can't talk about that topic.' It's really stifling."

EDGE caught up with Gold recently for a quick Q&A:

EDGE: When I googled your name, Judy Garland was just above you...

Judy Gold: Judy who?

EDGE: What inspired you to become a comedian?

Judy Gold: My miserable childhood. And there is nothing better than making people laugh.

EDGE: Have you worried about being labeled a lesbian comic?

Judy Gold: Would you ask that question to a straight white male comic?

EDGE: How did collaborating with Varla Jean Merman come about?

Judy Gold: We have known each other for years and our producer/friend, Mark Cortale, came up with the genius idea.

EDGE: What makes the two of you a great comedy team?

Judy Gold: Mutual respect and admiration for one another. Same work ethic. Smarts. Talent. Similar penis size.

EDGE: What is it about Varla Jean's artistic talents that lined up with yours?

Judy Gold: We are both very dainty. And we laugh at the same things. Like this list of questions.

EDGE: Why should people come see the show?

Judy Gold: Why? Because I need to fucking feed my kids!! Do you honestly think there could be a better show?

EDGE: Can you finish this joke for me: A lesbian and a drag queen walk into a bar.....?

Judy Gold: No.

EDGE: What is the one interview question that is never asked, but you wish it was?

Judy Gold: How did it feel when you won your first Oscar?

EDGE: What's your next project?

Judy Gold: I have a book coming out in June called, "Yes, I Can Say That" about freedom of speech, and you'll be seeing me guest starring on some of your favorite TV shows.

For more information on Judy visit, www.judygold.com and to purchase ticket to see her at the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA on October 19th visit, www.huntingtontheatre.org

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