Cashetta Makes You Believe in Magic

by Patrick Berkeley

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday May 8, 2008

Being a drag queen is an illusion in and of itself, the illusion of a different gender than the one born into. So it would make sense for a drag queen to be a queen of illusions as well, and in South Florida we have a queen of magic in the form of Cashetta.

A local performer who routinely does normal drag queen performances at various bars like George's Alibi, she has started running a monthly night of magic at the Cinema Paradiso in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Full of illusions, half naked go-go boys, and 'bitchy' female assistants, Cashetta's magic show is a creative, bizarre and uniquely entertaining night.

It began with a quick trick in which she channeled her inner Jesus, turning what appeared to be water into an array of cocktails. Then she took an audience member to the front and pretended that he was doing a card trick, in which her card went missing, turning up underneath his seat, actually.

Her repertoire with the attractive audience member added to the trick, flirtations and comedic asides being as interesting as the illusion itself.

Cashetta's show relies heavily on her voice and her humor more than anything else. The highlights of act one dealt with the jokes she played with the audience. There was one major "lowlight" - a malfunctioning sound system that would go in and out intermittently.

A bizarre finale of act I dealt with Cashetta lassoing her attractive female assistant, and then levitating her, seemingly, from a dark light. It was perhaps the most magical moment of the show, her in her bizarre magicians costume chasing, with a whip, the jungle-themed attired assistant.

The assistant here, subtly, represented the world of thin femininity, and the charade of Cashetta being jealous and controlling of her was funny and slightly complex in as much as these things can be complex.

After a ten-minute break, Cashetta returned and the sound system was fixed, for the most part. The highlight of Act II included a moment in which Cashetta seemingly twisted the head of her assistant, in a machine entitled "skinny bitch machine." The finale dealt with a long, stretched out balloon, and Cashetta's throat. You can probably figure out the rest.

Cashetta has been enjoying magic since she was a child and decided to take that interest of hers to the stage. She is an entertainer of all sorts, having appeared on various TV shows in different roles. She once played a hooker on Law and Order: SVU. She originally planned to be on Broadway, learning along the way, though, that Broadway wasn't a place for a 'girl like her.'

While she continued to make the rounds and hone her skills, she tried a string of hopeless professions from advertising to automobile sales but held fast to her dream of becoming a professional entertainer.

In the late 90's, Cashetta decided to combine her live singing, impeccable comic timing and flair for magic and has been delighting audiences for more than 12 years.

Despite the sound system gaffes and some lulls in energy (one audience member described the audience as 'really dead tonight') the show was successful and an interesting way to spend a Friday night, especially for a city in which the usual bar routine can get boring quick.

The next show will be on May 30th at 10pm at the Cinema Paradiso at 503 SE 6th street in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Tickets can be purchased on her website at