Which Cities Experience the Most Stress?

Thursday July 11, 2019

America's most stressed citizens are, perhaps surprisingly, those who live in Los Angeles, according to new research.

A new poll on the stressors of city life polled 3,000 people from Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago and found that 76 percent of Los Angeles residents polled are at least somewhat stressed on a typical day, barely edging out New York City.

Los Angeles residents are also most likely to claim their city is the hardest to live in out of every city in the entire country (61 percent.)

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, also found that Los Angeles residents can only go 10 and a half days in L.A. without needing a break from the grind -- less than a week and a half.

That's seven days fewer than New Yorkers and nine fewer than Chicago residents. Additionally, only six percent of L.A. respondents said they "never" get stressed.

The study's main purpose, however, was to pinpoint specific locations that residents find to be the most stressful areas of their city.

"Everyday stresses can be found anywhere, but there are certainly places that are more widely known for being stress-inducers," said Derek Dabrowski, VP of brand marketing for Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

In New York City, Times Square was crowned the most stressful place to be on a given day (39 percent,) with Grand Central Station coming in second place (37 percent.) The ACE train line was also voted the most stressful of the subways.

Chicagoans voted The Loop to be the most stressful place (34 percent), with the Magnificent Mile coming in a close second (26 percent.) Interestingly, the Red Line earned the title of the most stress-inducing train (40 percent.)

San Francisco crowned the Tenderloin area (46 percent) as their most stressful place to be in town with Union Square (32 percent) and Chinatown (30 percent) rounding out the top three. San Franciscoans were also most likely to rate their city's housing costs as "poor." (53 percent)

L.A. residents dubbed Hollywood and Highland Center as the least relaxing place to be on an average day (35 percent) with Universal Studios coming in second place (31 percent.) And out of all the highways in the city of angels, the 105 was definitively voted as the worst road.

In Dallas, the DFW airport was tapped as the most stressful place in the city (48 percent,) with any DMV (37 percent) coming in second.

Finally, in Miami, South Beach was named the most stressful place (35 percent,) with Dolphin Mall (34 percent,) and Bayside Marketplace (29 percent) also scoring high marks.

"Visiting these locations may be unavoidable for some, but with Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade, you can make any place your relaxation place," said Derek Dabrowski.

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